Plans to use Niantic ID and Niantic Social

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Dear Niantic team.

I'd like to ask the Wayfarer team a question.

Are there any plans to use Niantic ID and Niantic Social in Wayfarer (Lightship)?

As you know, Niantic is beginning to roll out its own approved ID and SNS.

In the future, you can expect to see a login tool that covers all of the games that Niantic produces, and a dedicated SNS that integrates the current game forums.

Harry Potter and Ingress have already launched, and players are beginning to use them in a variety of ways through trial and error, and Pokémon GO will launch soon.

In the early days of Ingress, it was possible to link to Google+, the SNS of Google's parent company at the time, and when linked, it automatically linked to Hangouts, Google's instant messenger service.

And even though these tools are no longer available, they still have a strong influence on the Ingress community.

It is also expected to be a long-awaited tool for Pokémon GO, which has never had a dedicated forum or community SNS. It is expected to be a long-awaited tool for Pokémon GO, which has never had a dedicated forum or community SNS, and it is expected to play a role in connecting the Pokémon GO communities, which have been scattered and disorganized.

This may also lead to the launch of a dedicated Pokémon GO forum, which has been written about many times in this forum.

Wayfarer (Lightship) is expected to promote fairer discussions.

Until now, users have logged in with their game IDs, but there have been a number of cases over the years where users have actually logged in with accounts they haven't used (Ingress_AG logged in with their Pokémon GO account, Pokémon GO Trainers logged in with their Ingress account) and participated in discussions, contributing to unnecessary friction.

I'm not saying that this will solve all such cases, but it is expected to reduce unnecessary friction.

Also, linking to Niantic IDs would allow us to integrate not only review grades, but also recommendation grades.

The AMA is already over, but I would be happy to hear about your future plans.


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    Your suggestion is an interesting one.

    Also, some of it is the same as what I have suggested before, and I generally agree with it.

    Now, if you show ING, PGO and game app at the end of the codename, like in this forum, it will be easier to see who nominated that wayspot.

    Also, using Niantic IDs for this would encourage more active Wayfarer involvement in the region.

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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

    Most of the harassment on the internet is done using so-called disposable accounts so that the other party cannot be identified.

    And if you create a disposable account on a Niantic game, it is a violation of the terms and conditions when you do multi-accounting.

    Also, the code name of the game account can be changed many times without deleting or disposing it.

    Therefore, it is difficult to identify who is who on the current game application.

    Also, the majority of players are not being harassed at the moment.

    And this seems to be a situation where the cheaters are harassing the players who accuse them of cheating, but do you condone cheating?

    Of course not, right?

    And Niantic's games are based on the theme of player interaction and adventure.

    This is very important in guiding correct play.

    As for Wayfarer, the overall benefit outweighs it.

    The more we know for sure who is sending out the messages, the more we can deter what you call cheating and harassment.

    Also, when combined with the player-level restrictions I mentioned earlier, we can expect fair and lively discussion, which is more likely to lead the Wayfarer world in the right direction.

    This kind of responsibility is a worldwide trend.

    The ability to verify one's identity is now universally practiced to deter crime.

    Therefore, this method is the most effective in the example you have given.

    No one wants to be banned from a game account that they enjoy.

    Not you, not me, not any of the players here.

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    I deliberately chose a name in Pokemon Go that is different from my name in Ingress. I do not want to have those two names publicly linked, partially because Ingress sometimes requires stealth and it's entirely possible that future games will also have this as a component.

    This also doesn't scale well. Imagine a time in the future where instead of something being posted by tp235-ING the line reads "tp235-ING, tp235-PGO, bob35-PIK, suebunny-ROM, charlie235-EXP, hotroller-BAK, reraise-PKR, ImSoConfused-LBR, toomanynames-WLD..."

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    And I'll add.

    Since it would be easy for the operator to identify the group of players who cheated and illegally accumulated wayspots, it would be appropriate to ban the game accounts of all the players (in this case, probably Pokémon GO Trainers) who committed these acts, and then delete the wayspots in the area (which were illegally live in that location) or return them to their original locations (which were collected in this location due to location modification).

    Also, the administration should scrutinize all such falsehoods that are frequently occurring worldwide.

    Players who commit such deceptions are not doing so by mistake.

    They all do it intentionally and repeatedly.

    Therefore, we need to immediately ban the accounts of players who commit such acts. A temporary suspension will not make them repent.

    Otherwise, we will see more and more cases like this one, and the ones in several Spanish cities that have been pointed out on this forum many times before.

    I'm sure you understand that, and if there is such a place near you, you will take action to correct the cheating as he did.

    You wouldn't just let it happen, would you?

    Because we are proud Wayfinders.

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    If you're already logged in to Niantic Social, you'll notice that if you're playing different games with the same Google email address, you can see them all in Niantic Social.

    You can see the codenames for each game.

    Also, if you have different codenames for Pokémon GO and Ingress on this forum, when you log in, your codename and ending "PGO" or "ING" will change, but all your previous comments and discussions will be retained.

    Therefore, what you are doing is almost meaningless.

    In other words, if you don't want to be linked, you need to get away from Niantic Social itself in all your games, but I'm not sure how long you can do that, given Niantic's intentions.

    Also, in large-scale operations in Ingress, players are expected to act in stealth.

    I understand this, as I have participated in various operations in Ingress.

    But as long as you don't go out of your way to disclose your location on Niantin social, that stealthiness will be ensured.

    Also, as a side note, in Ingress, even if you are stealthy, there are times when other players can figure out where you are (even if you are playing another company's game, of course), such as when you are playing Pokémon Go, so you have to shut down all your games unless you need to.

    I've even had one mission fail because the starting portal was detected as missing XM.

    Also, it shouldn't be technically difficult to put the codenames of each game in the wayspots that have been nominated and approved in the game, since the wayspot information has been merged into the Lightship database.

    Just add the app information to the nominated codename.

    Yes, it will just be passed down like this forum.

    And as a countermeasure to the false wayspot cheating and forum spamming that appears daily here at wayfarer, we'd like to ask Niantic

    ID should be the best deterrent.

    The most effective deterrent would be to be able to see who the wayspot recommenders are. And in forums, this will help reduce spamming.

    The main reason why multi-account cheating is so widespread in Pokémon GO is because there are no logs, so this kind of deterrent doesn't work. (Of course, there is also the low moral and compliance awareness of the players, but since they are human beings, they should be the same as Ingress players in the end, but the lack of logs seems to be a major cause of this situation.)

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    I would like to add another aspect to the discussion. For example, we have seen POIs that suggest great objects. We have also seen excellent descriptions of POIs.

    Unfortunately, if the suggestion is from a Pokémon player, we don't know their ID; if they are on Ingress, we can contact them from there and invite them to further new adventures. As it is now, we are left with a closed door to new interactions and a wider circle of friendships.

    We believe that a series of IDs is needed to solve these problems. If we want to reject them, we just need to change the address associated with each game. If you have more than one ID, you will of course have to delete the existing IDs, though. Also, the direction of the NIA is to link each game from one Gmail, so I think we should be positive that this will promote interaction.

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    I prefer to keep each game separate.

    I don’t want them all linked to one ID.

    Currently I have rich but predominantly very local group on Pokémon Go. There is for me a strong community element.

    By contrast in Ingress I know 2 or 3 others and there is nothing about the local community that I want to integrate with. I am happy playing this game as essentially a solo player.

    I was also soo on WU but also I didn’t really get fully into the subtleties of the game.

    I have no intention of pulling this together under 1 ID - each game has a different player name and method of access.

    As far as I’m concerned wayfarer is something I only do via Ingress (I came to it via the OPR days) I do nothing to do with wayfarer on PoGo. So I want them firmly separate.

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    I'm curious, why are you still posting on your Ingress account even though you belong to such a strong and rich Pokémon community?

    If you don't want to interact, just don't do it, and I don't think that's a reason not to display it. Most importantly, why don't you just change the address for each game that you are currently tied to?

    I'd like to confirm this later, but have you ever participated in anomalies before? If you do, you'll see how much fun it is to interact on Ingress.

    I still think that everything should be open for the benefit of the whole community. For the sake of newbies, we need to be able to choose interactions that are easy to understand.

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    Recon is the only medal that syncs with Pokémon GO achievements, so it doesn't make any difference which ID you use.

    But in the near future, when Niantic Social is launched in Pokémon GO and you log in to Niantic Social, you will be able to check your Ingress and Pokémon GO codenames from either app.

    So even if you think you're splitting up, it's almost useless.

    If you want to continue hiding, the only choice is to never join Niantic Social.

    If you continue to hide, the only option is to never join Niantic Social, but this will be useless once Wayfarer implements login with your Niantic ID, and you won't be able to login to the forums yourself.

    This is probably more likely to happen when the Lightship native app is developed.

    This could also be the case if the Pokémon GO forum is made Niantic Social based.

    It is important to look to such a future.

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    Surely you don't understand what I mean.

    I've linked you to a thread where a person that has reported some massive abuse of wayfarer has been forced to request that Niantics bans his own account account in this forum, as well as the deletion of his Ingress account due to the harrassment that he's suffering from those abusers that are stalking and harrassing him.

    Do you support stalking other people?

    It seems you do because you claim "the majority of players are not being harassed at the moment".

    Abusers don't care about linking accounts because they can create as many as needed. Legit people care about their identities.

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    'm curious, why are you still posting on your Ingress account even though you belong to such a strong and rich Pokémon community?

    Sorry for not making myself clear. I post here as a wayfarer, which for me is all through Ingress, so it shows my Ingress account. And that is how I like it - nice clear distinctions. My interactions here on wayfarer are nothing to do with my active play in the the local PoGo community.

    If you don't want to interact, just don't do it, and I don't think that's a reason not to display it. Most importantly, why don't you just change the address for each game that you are currently tied to?

    Sorry I don’t understand what point you are making here. I interact where and when I want to. I’m not part of any other Facebook or telegram groups because I choose not to. If you’re curious I am on Reddit for info about PoGo.

    I'd like to confirm this later, but have you ever participated in anomalies before? If you do, you'll see how much fun it is to interact on Ingress.

    I have not taken part in any group activities in ingress, I am happy with that.

    Although I see PoGo as a much more group affair I totally understand that we have a lot of local players who just play on own. If I chat with them (and offer home made fudge) I check if they are wanting more of a group experience or not. If not that’s fine I leave them to it and we will exchange pleasantries when we happen to meet.

    Each game has a diverse range of ways of playing it.


    If you want to continue hiding, the only choice is to never join Niantic Social.

    If you continue to hide, the only option is to never join Niantic Social, but this will be useless once Wayfarer implements login with your Niantic ID, and you won't be able to login to the forums yourself.

    I find the use if the word hiding and hide totally puzzling. Maybe it’s a language thing. As I said I like things separate as they are now.

    I have no desire to register for an Niantic ID or Niantic Social. I don’t see the point in speculation about future login. If I have to make a decision about how that affects access to different things in the future I will make those decisions then.

    I think it’s important to recognise that different people will have perfectly valid reasons. We also need to appreciate that there will be people in here who are neurodiverse and to be aware about how posts will be read.

    I really think this discussion is at the margins of being related to current wayfarer activities.

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    For those that want to learn a little bit about how Niantic enables stalkers to use their games and provides minimal support for the victims of that harrassment, they should read these articles

    Read also the comments in and if you still claim that someone that doesn't want to show everyone the identity used in each game is some kind of cheater, then I must tell you that you show a total lack of empathy, you're closer to the stalker than to the victim.

    @Danbocat-PGO , @NianticTintino I really hope that you read those articles before moving forward any plans to use Niantic ID through wayfarer.

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    You don't know what you're talking about. I'm an Ingress agent from the early beta days, I got an early invite through Google+, Why should I hide that?

    I don't need any nomination slot, I've nominated everything that I found interesting long ago and afterwards I only needed a few nominations everynow and then, and I wouldn't care less about which game I use for the nomination as there's no way that I could use a full set of nominations from any game, even the 7 each 14 days in Pokemon were too many for me.

    Instead of reading and understanding the issues that I've pointed out, you're claiming that anyone that doesn't agree with you is a cheater. I really hope that you don't have any intention to be a Wayfarer Ambassador, you've proven yourself to be a person that would be a terrible choice.

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    No, if you are playing Pokémon primarily, you should be able to log in as a separate Pokémon account. I think you can select it once you reach trainer level 38.  In fact, if you don't feel like an Ingress player, you can just leave with your Pokémon account and there should be no reason to hide it. Also, whether you're judging on Ingress or Pokémon is of little consequence if you've reached the level of both games. I think it's a matter of intrinsic awareness within you. The fact that it should be listed together can be emphasized in this regard.

    I understand that there are freely ways to play, but expanding the circle of interaction is the stated purpose of the NIA game. It's hard to imagine that the free way of playing will be hindered by the display of the accounts. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that some people use this opinion as a cover to hurt others.

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    We may eventually start using Niantic ID in this forum, but I think there will be an option to not show the Niantic ID, just like you can choose not to show the player name for all games in your Niantic profile. Also, Niantic ID does not replace our player name. The suggestion to reveal the nominator names has nothing to do with Niantic ID.

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