Invalid removal of legit portal

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Way spot title: Bird Head


City: The Hague

Country: The Netherlands

This is part of the art in Ypenburg. These kind of statues are placed on several places and represent art of the artist Ingrid Mol.

This kind of art and even smaller can be found all over the city and is valid portal which is accessible from the side walk.

so please reinstall this and you may consider to think twice next time the same “remover” asks for a portal to be removed.

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    Is number 66 a single family dwelling? I only see one door and I don't see multiple doorbells. If it is a single family dwelling, then this is on private residential property.

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    It is placed by the city of the Hague there as a part of a project.

    it is on a building with multiple entries.

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    If I'm looking at the correct No 66, I would call that a single residence PRP. Just because the building is what would be described as "terraced" does no mean that PRP is somehow negated. Multiple enterances off the stree, but ech one is a single family residence. Niantic have said many tiomes, just because you can "reach a portal from the sidewalk" does not make it eligible.

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    The art is placed and paid by municipality of the Hague. It is asked to the participants to have it publicly visible and accessible. Which it is.

    i’ve placed the link of the art project already.

    by the way the discussion of being one family living there or multiple is kind of strange. How is it ok if there are multiple families. It is still privately owned and they all benefit/suffer from it being there

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    Here's the problem. Whether or not the Waypoint is/was eligible depends entirely on the Niantic rules / criteria for Waypoints. What the propery owners or the munipality of the Hague have to say about it is of no consequence, Waypoints are established following Niantic rules. Waypoints can only be removed for very specific reasons, one of which is that the Waypoint is located on or in a "Private Residential Property".

    A "Private Residential Property" is a single family residence. Waypoints on PRP are not allowed according to Niantic rules. If it were an apartment block then that would be a multi-resident property, which is allowed according to the game rules. If you look through these forums there are lots of discussions about whether a particular building is "PRP" or mult-residence as that is a key "Yes / No" question for Waypoints.

    TLDR: The Waypoint appeared to be on the wall of a PRP, which is a valid reason for it's removal.

  • Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

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