Please Restore removed very old Portals / Gyms

Title of the Wayspot: Kreisel (got renamed to Spielplatz Landschaftspark Mühlenhunte)

Location: 53.129582,8.213229

City: Oldenburg

Country: Germany

Additional information: these wayspots exist(ed) in Ingress at least 7 years, are all still existing in real-world and have been in Pokemon Go since the game came out. An Ingress Agent startet (maybe 2 years ago) using the following three portals as a farm spot. The other faction didn't like it so one agent started renaming those portals to "Spielplatz Landschaftspark Mühlenhunte" and now the first of the portals got removed because he's reporting them as duplicate. It's not a farm spot anymore in Ingress but many Pokemon Go Players love this 24/7 open park for raiding, because those portals have been three gyms in Pokemon Go:

Kreisel -,8.213229&z=18&pll=53.129582,8.213229 (got removed)

Röhren -,8.21331&z=18

Ancient Resonator Fragments -,8.2128&z=18&pll=53.129469,8.2128 (got renamed)

More background: The agent who renamed and reported those portals plays since the beginning of Ingress and just when those portals became a farm spot (like 5 years later) of the opposite faction, he didn't want them to exist anymore and started renaming and reporting.

Please restore those very old portals that didn't bother anyone for at least 6-7 years and are still existing in the park. We shouldn't allow people to take down wayspots based on egoistic personal reasons or any "Ingress wars".



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