Entnahmekondensationsturbine Neubrandenburg

@NianticGiffard @NianticVK I recently submitted a wayspot and it was accepted, but ...

Title of the Wayspot: Gasturbine Typ GT10B/SGT600

Location: 53.562776,13.296193

City: Neubrandenburg

Country: Germany

Now I have also submitted another wayspot (Entnahmekondensationsturbine Neubrandenburg), which, like the other, can be seen clearly on the satellite view.


I wrote in the additional declaration that it is a different object than the existing wayspot, but the reviewers probably wanted to provoke me and have now wrongly rejected it as a duplicate!



Sorry, but do they even look similar ?!

Would you be so kind as to remove the new photo as it is not a duplicate? Please delete only the photo, not the wayspot! Thanks!

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: I have also appealed the proposal. I would be really really happy about a prompt and positive feedback. Thank you.


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