Kalaupapa LEPER colony ! Molokai Island, State of Hawai'i USA , "no pedestrian access" "NO pedestria

Portal Name : Kalaupapa Lighthouse

Location: 21.209539, -156.969691

**Please have someone other than Gifard look at this again, Niantic is the current owner, apparently because it was spoofed to Blue, but you WILL note that the TOS of Niantic state there needs to be "pedestrian Access".

I have reported this via a key, one of the local agents has and continues to link to a portal with NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS.

Even before Covid it required a tour, but the tours do not allow PEDESTRIAN ACCESS. PLEASE AGAIN REMOVE THIS PORTAL !

clearly says "NO ACCESS", is Niantic thinking that after Covid, a tour may someday go to this portal ??

all we get is "appeal denied" , *NOT useful, *not respectful of how honest and hard our local agents play the game !!!

PS: please have someone OTHER than Gifard look at this, and do use the respect of at least one sentence, of how you think ANYONE can accesss this portal, I guess after Covid ends, if it ends?



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    All is says is "Tours have been suspended due the patients being at high risk of Covid" (a very sensible procedure.) However, if patients and staff and other authorised persons can access the Waypoint that means it has "public access" according to Niantic. "Public Access" does not mean that you, personally, have to be allowed access. Looks like you, and others, will have to wait until visiting restrictions are amended before you can go back to this portal, which is not a reason for this being an "invalid Waypoint".

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    In addition to what the other comments say (which I agree with), can I just ask why you don't want Giffard specifically looking at this? All the people on this forum who are authorised to deal with requests in here are Niantic staff members. Why single out Giffard? What's he done to you?

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    That is not what pedestrian access means. Pedestrian access means that a player has the ability to safely access the location or object. It has nothing to do with whether people are allowed to access the location or object.

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    Probably because @NianticGiffard rejected a previous appeal to remove this very same Wayspot. The argument there is the very same one used here to justify removal. (ie, they don't have permission to access the location.)

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    Perhaps NIANTIC would go through their activity logs and report on when this portal was legitimately visited in person in the past. I would be very interested in hearing how it was done and when that was. If any OG players have sitreps or can share their stories, lets hear them. How long has it been since anyone got there?

    Currently, due to the pandemic, no casual travellers can go there. Its also a beacon next to an airport, so "public access" seems sketchy. So, the theoretical "people live and work there" argument of keeping it seems a bit much to me. Then again, there is a portal inside an active volcano crater on Hawaii at Volcanoes National Park that NIANTIC won't remove either. So, that shapes my opinion of the invalid portal process.


    Kalaupapa Lighthouse has been spoofed before, hence the NIANTIC ownership. Its a strategic old portal, so of course 100s and 100s of keys have been duped and are well spread, given the 21 incoming links.

    The last "visitor" spoofed throwing a link from there to Oahu to complete a Transpacific field (which they also spoofed to Graham Island, British Columbia to throw to Oahu) which skewed the score for most of a cycle. Actions were reported, but NIANTIC did not clear the link/field before a visitor to Oahu took it down.

    I would like to see the portal grey, if "gone" isn't a supported option. Perhaps grey and let the teams figure out how to get there.

    agent guamwatt

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    In order to get out to Kalauapapa light house it is by special permit only.

    Only certain professions can be operating at Kalaupapa I.e. medical, maintenance staff for current leper colony population of 10.

    The picture of the portal was taken at the airport which is 200 yards away. You cannot simply land at Kalaupapa airport and walk to the light house. The light house is fenced off from about 200 yards away from an airport approach.

    I am a registered nurse and was at Kalaupapa 11 years ago. This portal is not legit.

    Even if you were on a tour to see Saint Damien’s final resting place they do not go anywhere near the light house.

    Please see current Kalaupapa guidelines.

    This portal is inaccessible. Please take a closer look niantic.

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    I am in health care and was at Kalaupapa 11 years ago. The photo of the portal is about 200 yards away taken from the airport. The light house is fenced off from an airport to light house approach. One cannot simply land at Kalaupapa airport and walk to the light house.

    even if you were on a tour to see Saint Damien’s right hand is what is currently buried there the tours do not go anywhere near the light house.

    only certain staff is allowed at Kalaupapa by special permit ie, medical and maintenance staff.

    please see website with permit guidance


    please reconsider niantic.

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    I agree that not even the wayspot itself was made at the exact place where it is, as it's noticeable that the photo was taken from afar.

    Are there more photos that may prove that at least someone was there?. This is a weird wayspot imho.

  • TheFarix-PGOTheFarix-PGO Posts: 3,967 ✭✭✭✭✭

    only certain staff is allowed at Kalaupapa by special permit ie, medical and maintenance staff.

    But it is physically accessible to pedestrians and that is all that matters. That you need a special permit to access the location is irrelevant to whether it is a valid Wayspot. Also, that there are those spoofing to it also doesn't matter. Those accounts should be reported to Niantic, but because there are spoofing accounts accessing the Wayspot doesn't make the Wayspot invalid either.

  • Kielbasa808-INGKielbasa808-ING Posts: 7 ✭✭

    It is not accessible to pedestrians .

  • Kielbasa808-INGKielbasa808-ING Posts: 7 ✭✭
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    Fair fax have you read the requirements to go down to Kalaupapa ?

    you cannot simply decide to go walk down there whenever you want. On top of that you have to be in service to the community that is there. It is a private area.

  • Quickscoper1997-PGOQuickscoper1997-PGO Posts: 30 ✭✭

    However, workers for the lighthouse or people with permission could access the Wayspot. This makes the wayspot legal. A wayspot does not have to be accessible to every player.

  • TheFarix-PGOTheFarix-PGO Posts: 3,967 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Have YOU been paying attention to the actual guidelines instead of making up your own rules? Needing permission to access the lighthouse does not mean that the lighthouse has no pedestrian access. All it means is that access is restricted and Wayspots in restricted areas are perfectly valid. Something that doesn't have pedestrian access means that NO ONE can physically access the location without putting themselves in harms way.

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    Granted you are a PGO player - Fair fax PGO and I’ll explain. Well, In ingress there are keys that you get at a portal.

    Having keys to the portal does not mean that a player has to actually be there physically to link the portal.

    If niantic can look at their logs. IP addresses of how and when this portal was last accessed would be key in figuring out the validity of this portal.

    Niantic please reconsider

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    What does whether someone has obtained keys to a Portal have to do with the Portal's validity? You do understand that keys are easily duplicated via Quantum Capsules and can be transferred from player to player? I have 15 such capsules from passcodes that Niantic gave out over a year ago and I have two others away to another player. I've also passed off keys to a remote portal in my area to other players. And so long as someone has a key, they can keep the Portal recharged so that it wouldn't decay away.

    So all this comes down to the fact that YOU cannot take the Portal down because you cannot get permission to access the location. And since you cannot take the Portal down legitimately ingame, you have resorted to the illegitimate tactic of having the Portal removed via misrepresenting it.

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    If the government said the island is closed for any visitors and don't wish any trespassers accessing the lighthouse, then they should request its removal directly to Niantic, not the players.

    Besides, if all you care are spoofers, then why don't you report locations like Zaragoza, Budapest, or the newest one, Vietnam clusters?

  • Tntnnbltn-INGTntnnbltn-ING Posts: 347 Ambassador

    only certain staff is allowed at Kalaupapa by special permit ie, medical and maintenance staff.

    It seems like these certain staff with special permits would have safe pedestrian access to the Wayspot, therefore it is valid.

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