Request for my Wayfarer forum account to be deleted/banned myself

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Recently after reporting many Wayfarer abusing activities in Vietnam, I haven't been cyber-bullied heavily by the abusers in many ways on many social platforms. The critical problem of this forum is that it doesn't have any way to protect the reporters' identity/privacy but this is another problem off this post.

My Ingress account was exposed so I decide to request it to be deleted soon, unfortunately but necessarily.

After my Ingress account be deleted, there maybe a chance that I would accidentally log in this forum by Go account (with the same email). When this happens, my Go account would also be accidentally exposed. So I want to ask for a favor that my Wayfarer forum account (only this forum, not the Wayfarer website that is used to submit/review) to be deleted or at least banned so I would no longer be able use my main email to log in this forum and have no chance accidentally exposed my Go account.

@NianticVK @NianticGiffard @NianticTintino Thank you for all your hard word on this forum.

I hope hearing back from you soon.

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