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Title of the Wayspot: 遠軽町保健福祉総合センター

Location: 44.058487,143.525802,143.525802&z=17&pll=44.058487,143.525802

City: Engaru,Hokkaido

Country: Japan

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

This location is a public health and welfare facility run by the town, and is a public medical facility that provides medical care to children and the public (vaccinations and medical care for children).

I think this was explained last time, but you came to the conclusion to leave wayspot.

Subsequent investigation revealed that this place also serves as a shelter for children and women.

At the entrance and on the information board inside, there is a sign that reads as follows

”Consultation Center for Children and Women's Concerns”

”Engaru Town Abuse Prevention Center for Persons with Disabilities”

This center has the role of counseling children, women, and the disabled, who are socially vulnerable, about abuse and problems that may occur.

However, it does not have the function of temporarily accommodating mothers and children in this facility, so if this point is the line between deleting and not deleting, please tell me clearly and concretely.

I don't need the usual Zen questions. This is a story that contributes to the clarification of the criteria.

Also, this facility does not rent out its facilities to the general public individuals or groups. As such, it does not have an exchange function.

However, there may be rare cases where mothers and children who come here to discuss their problems may interact with each other.

If that is the line of demarcation between removing and not removing, please be clear and specific with me. This is also a story that contributes to the clarification of the criteria.

In addition, you may ask how you got into this kind of facility, so I will answer first.

Since last spring, this location has been the main venue for the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination.

This is the first time I have been here to receive the vaccine and to take pictures.

It should be noted that meetings hosted by the facility management (government) (which is exactly what the COVID-19 vaccination is), short term care for children at the K-12 facility, and daily care for the disabled and those in need of nursing care are provided at this facility, as well as at the senior care residence connected to this facility by a hallway.



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