Duplicate Fish

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Here are a series of portals. The fish are very slightly different to one another. This fish appears about ten times between the Saigon Walk in Bankstown and about four of them are portals. The two ends of the walk, which are the circled fishes on both ends are at the Bankstown Arts Centre (the bottom-left) and the Bankstown Train Station (top-right).

I've already gotten all the duplicate reports rejected by Niantic so whatever, they don't see a problem. Is this not a problematic thing not to be duplicated, or am I more than welcome to try submitting all the other fish in-between the existing fish (shown as a starburst in-between each one)?


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    Similar is not duplicate nor are different locations.

  • HaramDingo-INGHaramDingo-ING Posts: 1,084 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hmm. Besides the fact that four of them are called "Imagine", you'd think that they're the same at first glance especially if someone is reviewing them and would blindly duplicate them.

    You'll be surprised at what people duplicate. Maybe it's best I rename each of them to something more distinct.

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    edited January 21

    Make sure you have a good supporting photo so reviewers can clearly see your nominations are in a different spot to the existing Waypoints.

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    These type of things just further reinforce how complicated... and yes sometimes contradictory.... the rules of POIs are.

    If these were 4 different gates to a small park, there's a niantic post saying they wouldn't be eligible, even if slightly different because they are all the same park

    If these were a church sign/church or say a skate park sign/skate park equipment they may be duplicates or both be spots depending on distance and randomness of reviewers

    If these were memorial benches along the same exact route, they wouldn't be eligible unless famous

    If these were trail markers along the same exact route, with different numbers, they would be eligible

    Yet they are a trail of fishes and different... reading thread sounds like consensus is non-duplicate, though it appears some reviewers marked.

  • ElwynGreygoose-PGOElwynGreygoose-PGO Posts: 210 ✭✭✭

    I think some psychology in how these are presented could help.

    "This is number three in a challenge trail of six different fish mosaics. Can you find them all? Spot the difference - no two are the same. Crafted by John Doe in 2012 as part of the city-wide art iniative..." or something like that.

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    Looking further into it, I just realised the five additional ones that I marked on the map that I saw during my walk in Bankstown that day... are the five actual locations of the fish. The five look to be heavily misplaced, which makes it even more harder to figure out if I were to submit a location edit.

    I found a public art website which shows the concept about this Koi Path.

    Ok, I made a mistake in duplicating these and I'm understanding with that now. So I will submit title and description edits to each to make the notably marked as a series. It's a nice artwork though.

    But I don't blame anyone who would have duplicated these at the first glance. I've usually just included several things (like a series of objects) as only one entire wayspot in the past, maybe I'll look into reframing some existing wayspots.

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