"Well done!" Message

Im wondering if there are any others that constantly get this message after a few nomination reviews?

This might have something to do with my hometown location. I was reading some of people's tips on this and they kept stating that your hometown location shouldnt be set to the actual location you live. Luckily my bonus location was set to a another that that i frequent so its much further away from where i currently reside.

The problem with me is that my hometown location IS the place i live. lol. I've never left the place i was born. I am a hermit crab. And i wonder if this has anything to do with me "running out of" places to review. I live in Las Vegas and i hardly doubt there is an actual end to the nominations in this large city. Especially with the 40 nomination revamp. I know that the hometown location is permenant but has anyone ever successfully petitioned or gotten a Niantic employee to reset your hometown? Would that even fix receiving this message? I follow the 30 seconds between each nomination rule as well.



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