This portal was submitted after it was closed and fenced off, grass is 3 feet high

This Fielders baseball field has been fenced off for more than 2 years, in the SAT photo you can see the 6' construction fence around the park. The portal was submitted in the wrong place to use as an anchor because you cant get inside. In the submitted picture you can see the grass is out of control.

Fielders Baseball Field,-87.87998&z=17&pll=42.465646,-87.87998

Owner: bgskyman

Portal Level: 2

Portal Energy: 40%

Links: No links

Fields: No fields

Link Range: 9.15km

(missing resonators!)

AP Gain: 875


R8: 40% bgskyman

R7: 40% bgskyman

R7: 40% bgskyman

Google Maps -,-87.87998

Apple Maps -,-87.87998

Waze -,-87.87998



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