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    Looks like I will never get to use my -HPWU tag now.......

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    NDA's and "legal action against the person" sounds very intimidating and makes me not want to apply. As someone pointed out, it sounds a bit too extreme for a volunteer program...? 🙂

    But other than that, the program sounds very interesting. I love how you guys whip up all these great new ideas and how you listen to feedback from Wayfarers and actually reply in detail (this is a huge thumbs-up!). In my experience, the various Niantic game sections could learn a lot here. 🙈

  • Hello Explorers!

    Just a quick reminder that the deadline to apply to the Wayfarer Ambassador Program is tomorrow by 11:59:59pm! Can't wait to share with you all how many applications we receive once we close the application. I'm stoked for this program to kick off!

    Until then, Safe Exploring!

  • If your not under a good rating currently are you fully exempt from the program, or are you also able to apply at a later date? And if my rating goes up before my submission is read, will this effect my chances of being accepted?

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    The application should have nothing to do with your Wayfarer rating, imo.

    In the end, only few people are being selected.

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    I'll see how things actually work in practice, and what positives Niantic actually allow Ambassadors to achieve before considering it.

  • Great question! I would still encourage you to apply as we'll be looking at the application holistically.

  • Hello Explorers!

    A quick update! We are extending the deadline to 1/23/22 at 11:59pm PST! Two additional days in case folks need the weekend to apply.

    Safe Exploring!

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    Have you decided how many ambassadors you will choose? For perspective, Ingress has 36 Vanguards and ~50 XMAs

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    Don't worry, there are enough people willing to work for free for Niantic, some of them even spend money to travel around in order to send more wayspots because they think that this would help other players (yeah, it will help them to spend money on Niantic's games), others enjoy "virtual travels" by watching the nominations, but I fail to see how all those bad nominations is interesting at all. Others enjoy the power trip of rejecting everything that doesn't match their standards about perfect wayspots, and there are other ones that take the power trip to the maximum by trying to attack communities requesting removals of valid wayspots as an act of revenge because they were outed due to any issues.

    So in the end, there will always be people that want to take part in Wayfarer, although most of the people don't care at all about this, there are a few ones that this makes them feel important, and that's better than money for them.

  • Hopefully I will be accepted into the ambassador program, I would like to help my community with everything related to warfarer. I love the coexistence between all the players and everything it takes for the Niactic games

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    579 is quite a lot. Do you have any estimate to how many applicants are going to be accepted into the program? Or is it too early to say?

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    I am pretty hyped. It will be really nice to see representation for all parts of the world if the Ingress Ambassador program is a good representation of how diverse the Ambassadors are.

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    I'd be curious about this as well.

    I'd also be curious as to the geographic breakdown of the applicants. Like, by country and continent or something like that.

    And does NIA plan to have a specific number per continent or country?

  • MalarjusVoynich-INGMalarjusVoynich-ING Posts: 116 ✭✭✭

    Wow! I'm really excited about this! I'm really curious about who will be chosen :) Finger crossed :P

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    Hope none of us typo’d when we put in our emails.

  • Good luck to all the aspirants and above all there are many ambassador For the benefit of the Wayfarer and Niactic community

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    Bummer - go away for a two week holiday and missed the window entirely.

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    Good to hear that so many people are interested in being an ambassador for Wayfarer.

    It really shows people's commitment to the network of wayspots that is constantly improving.

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    Do you have an estimated time, or planned goal in mind as to when you want to complete this?

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    I am excited to see who the ambassadors are. I didn’t apply as I am too busy with work. If the option comes available in the future I may though. I wish all of you the best of luck. This is a big deal. Stay awesome everybody & thank you all for everything you do for the community. Every person here has done good because I am sure everyone has submitted or made edits that benefitted the community. Thank you all for that, from me to you.

    Good luck to everyone who applied

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