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After last Wayfarer update asks to be trained again

Hi.😮😮😮😮 I hane platinum medal in Ingress with 5655 points, I use Wayfarer after the exam two years.

I have old bug, Niantic Brian, Niantic Cassey, on forum, in my private mail, more than a year they wrote to wait, soon, soon and of no sense. All my Niantic games are tied to one email, which is tied to the Facebook page with which I log in to all games, but since I changed the login method, the Wayfarer login remained using the same email but using the gmail.com method. not Facebook. Technical support always answered to continue to treat it like that and that's it🤦🏾🤦🏾🤷🤦🏾🤷 What should I do now? Bind me a specific login method, which one should I use in order to continue to download the medal in Ingress on Onyx? By the way, since the introduction of the Wayfarer in PoGo medal, I never got it and the topic here in the bug thread remained unanswered by Niantic Cassey, although she promised to help, I was not the only one there.

Loggin with facebook:

Loggin with gmail.com:

After updating Wayfarer, everything disappeared from my account after logging in through gmail.com, when I log in through the Facebook method, there are all my nominations and so on, but it asks to pass the exam again. Thanks.


@NianticAaron @NianticAaron @NianticAaron@NianticAtlas @NianticDanbocat Help🤷🤷

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