So, I tried to join the Brazil Challenge, thinking it would be like the last one I joined.

I guess not.

I changed my home location and since I was able, thought I was able to do so for the challenge. Guess not.

I'm a newbie for the challenges and didn't think to read all the chats for all the rules and how they were all different. My bad.

So, for those of us who aren't chat savvy and have limited attention spans ... how about a "CURRENT AVAILABLE CHALLENGES" link. IE "sign up here for Challenge of the day/location - here are the rules for this event, dates, etc." or "New to Challenges?! click here for more information" or "Help us help a community!" OR perhaps a WE NEED YOUR HELP banner on the Featured Wayspots page ...

This discussion group is overwhelming to newbies. And, I'm not really a newbie to Wayfarer, having reviewed over 3000 nominations. Looking at the news homepage, I have no idea what challenges are available to join, plus I only recent learned about the challenges.



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