Several fakes in 48485 Neuenkirchen, Germany

Title of the Wayspot: Various (see below)

Location: 52.251111, 7.378292

City: 48485 Neuenkirchen

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: does not exist

Photos to support your claim: do not exist

Additional information: In this area many new wayspots emerged in the last weeks. These wayspots are more than suspicious. So i kindly ask the support team to remove them from your games. I can give you some information that might help you to decide. Most of them are stolen from Münster-Albachten. That place is about 50km away

  1. Verteilerkasten Trompetenjunge,7.37890. Real Location(Trompeten-Toni):,7.527105&z=15&pll=51.920172,7.527105
  2. Verteilerkasten Schmetterling,7.379215 Real Location (kleiner Fuchs):,7.521782&z=15&pll=51.926062,7.521782
  3. Verteilerkasten Heißluftballon,7.378689 Real Location (Heißluftballon):,7.522763&z=15&pll=51.925455,7.522763
  4. Verteilerkasten Kunst:,7.380333 Real Location (Gendameriestation):,7.522345&z=15&pll=51.924951,7.522345
  5. Stromkasten Kunst:,7.379755 - I can´t refer to another wayspot. But you can find this one on this website published by a club vom Münster-Albachten: You can find the other designs mentioned before here, too.
  6. Verteilerkasten Löwenzahn:,7.377135. You can find a proof once more on
  7. Bemalter Stromkasten:,7.378341. The photos for this fake are taken from another source. The real object is located in the north of germany. You can inform you here:
  8. Wegkreuz:,7.378706 . The picture of the wayspots shows in the background a single freestanding house with a big yard. You can´t find a combination like this in the satellit view.

Thanks for your efforts.



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