Did I ruin my Queue with an Appeal?

I just started reviewing on Wayfarer a few weeks ago. I guess making an account was a requirement for getting submissions approved because literally within an hour of joining a submission I'd made two years ago was immediately approved. Since then I've had two more nominations approved. This always happens within an hour of hitting my next level/upgrade.

However, my 4th submission was rejected and with my limited knowledge I chose to appeal it thinking it would just go back into voting. I know now I should've just resubmitted it. I think it's pretty cut and dry that it's an acceptable stop and will likely be accepted eventually, but it has been sitting there as "Appealed" for several days.

The 5th nomination after it is also in the queue and upgraded, but this time it wasn't pushed into voting. As I said previously any time I hit my next level my next nomination seemed to immediately enter the voting process. Have I ruined that smooth process by creating an appeal? Will nothing be voted on until that appeal is complete? Just curious.


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