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No e-mails for adjudications of old submissions.

exculcator-INGexculcator-ING Posts: 67 ✭✭✭

Many of my older submissions (sorry, "nominations" in the new lingo) dating from 2018 have finally started being voted on (not all, mind you, I still have the odd one that is still merely in the queue and hasn't even made it into voting).

I should be gratified that Niantic is finally getting onto these, but unfortunately, I'm not that enthused, because I am not receiving any e-mails telling me about what happened to them, even though they have been adjudicated (they haven't been adding to my portal count either, but that's another issue).

I've had over a dozen old submissions become portals in the last couple of months (and a few counted as duplicates, because other people have submitted the same POIs in the last 4 years, and Niantic, in their wisdom, have now stopped us from withdrawing nominations once they get into voting). I get e-mails telling me my e.g. 2022 submissions have been adjudicated just fine, but no longer get e-mails for any of the older ones.

This has screwed up my submissions database completely, which relied on those e-mails, and more importantly, the dates of those e-mails (Wayfarer STILL doesn't tell you when something was adjudicated, only when it was submitted and that it has been adjudicated or has not. Why?)

Please fix this e-mail bug going forward; better still, fix it retroactively, so I get sent the e-mails I should have been sent; and better yet, not only fix this bug, but enable us to see adjudication dates in Wayfarer (and even better still, also add implementation dates of our POIs in-game(s) to Wayfarer).

I don't submit portals to build up Niantic's POI database for free. I work hard on my submissions (each one takes about 5 hours on average), and I expect to see some reward for doing so. That reward, as little as it is, is an acknowledgement that my work has been reviewed, one way or another, via an e-mail, so I can enter it into *my* database of POIs. Even after submitting 970 POIs (of which over 2/3rd have been accepted, but I no longer know exactly how many, due to all the current Wayfarer buginess), I still have over 1000 entries in my database that I would like to submit, and that Niantic would presumably like to get their hand on. They are not exactly incentivizing me at the moment! I can't even go into Wayfarer and do the work on dating myself instead of relying on their buggy e-mail system, because Wayfarer gives so little information. (Portal adjudications e-mails have been buggy in the past, but never so consistently as I am experiencing now)

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