The Cannington Mine - Commemoration Plaque. abused use of Wayfarer removal, Again

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The Cannington Mine - Commemoration Plaque

Ingress - Game Reality,140.924588&z=17&pll=-21.832579,140.924588

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest.

Mckinlay Queensland Australia

Was a portal restated by @Roenan after the last time we went through this process of false deletion. several times .

The way point /portal is both remote and strategic. It is primarily held by resistance agents who work locally. It often anchors large fields as its isolated location proves time consuming and expensive to retake control of.

The portal has a history of being the target of many proven spoofers. Many reset requests have been successfully submitted through regional vanguards

The portal was reverified by Niantic as a valid submission after mine management were last duped by unknown agents through pokemon go. Saying issues at the site. How ever as previously stated by South32 from their company prospective, they are happy to have their inclusive work place, where peoples home/work lives are normalized through this extra option for people to have an activity. The Locations are safe for the staff, visitors and local community that use the resources on site.

The portal has a current portal Scan so you can see its location and whats around it.

Following a visit to the site by Enlightened agents in 2019 or 2020 ( please check this) the plaque was found to have been damaged at it's foundation by a local Eng agent.. This was rectified by onsite workers to continue the long term standing of this plaque.

The portal remains onsite and in the same location and has the same interest levels as those that Niantic considered valid in each reset/reinstatement over the last 7 years plus.

We submit this appeal to the wayfarer removal review and Niantic to re- consider again the above facts and historic activity onsite. Again.

Apologies to take anyone's time up on this recurring event.

Records of the last time of this happened can be add here if need the files are kept.

Kind Regards


Attached pics with Res Agents and Eng Agents at Portal, My face is Public their faces are obscured,

as can be seen, everyone safe and happy.

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    It was GallifreyanP with her 3 accounts and her offsider markpnb they reported it as usual. sunsetjude is one of GallifreyanP accounts. 3 accounts report for manual review and 5 for auto remove is the threshold right? They are not strangers to this process. Portal removed just as they are on lord howe island, what a coincidence.

    False reporting should be a ban offence if done from multiple accounts same device. Easy to detect multiple accounts on same device. Niantic has the worst anti-cheat detect on the planet. Even fakebook runs rings around NIA and they're terrible.

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    Well, well, well - Niantic the same mistake "portal removal" happens again & again after reinstating on a number of previous occasions

    Once again - please reinstate the legitimate portal, return all the keys and maybe instigate some ban hammers on the accounts that issued the portal removal process

    Our anti-cheat policy in general could do with some spit and polish

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    SunsetJude started playing ingress long before I started. Both of us are well known as individuals and attend many anomalies at the same time in Sydney, Newcastle and Auckland.

    Amazing that you accuse me of cheating, while an ingress named account names just like your one spoofed down LHI last night........

    I've never had an issue with Cannington Mine Plaque portal, it's valid and useful.

    Conjecture that SunsetJude and I are the same person makes you look silly, because everyone important knows we are two people.

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    It's funny to watch you lie, I have not been anywhere near LHI if by LHI you mean Lord Howe Island. But you have, right as you reported this portal. And you reported this account and had it banned, which is funny because it hasn't even played the game. It has all 0 stats not even collected XM it was created just to comment here.

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    Lol. I did say YOU personally spoofed a portal on LHI, I said an account with that name did. I didn't even report it, the spoofing watch community and vanguards noticed it - I was told this morning about it, along with your comments here.

    You're the one that's made ridicolous conjecture. Logically, I would have had to had extremely close personal interaction with NIA staff to be able to simultaneously be on LHI and have a portal removed to coincide with that happening. I don't even have direct access to the vanguards let alone NIA staff. Do you not realise how ridiculous you sound?

    FYI: the Australian and NZ Vanguards have all personally met SunsetJude and myself. Don't believe me, then contact Roadrunn3r or VanJeffery. Actually contact any of the longer term players in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne, they all know us both.

  • Another account named mistalovalovamm spoofed a portal at LHI? because this account has not played ingress at all, not so much as taken one footstep, not hacked a portal, not destroyed a resonator, not played at all. So you're making things up as an account of this name hasn't done anything.

    No you don't need vanguard to report portals as you are full aware. I don't think the vanguard would do much for you given this thread and how you are always trying to use the spoofer to your advantage against real players.

    I'm surprised the vanguard haven't got you banned already, but you have enough alts to keep playing so it would be futile I suppose.

    sunsetjude is you, Niantic should look at the device used with that account and the device used with GallifreyanP. Even if it was used by another player in the past, it's in your control now and being used by you.

  • Hello! We have reviewed the report and have decided to restore the Wayspot in question.

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