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    The "doesn't hurt your rating" part caught my eye as well, that's very very interesting. I'd like to say I like it, but only if the appeals process work as originally intended, because we've all being on the wrong end of the review stick before.

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    After all, is it a bug that we are able to appeal to every day? Or is it as intended?

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    I'm hoping that it's FIFO, albeit with a limit of one appeal being processed per person per month.

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    I think it should be FILO where the last one in before they start popping them off is always my appeal.

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    • The ability to put a nomination on HOLD.

    It's nice to be able to do this function.

    It's what I've been wishing for.

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    How big is your town? The city where I live it's taking 2 years, but just outside the city it's only a few months. Not even 20 minutes away.

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    Thanks for your patience in waiting to hear from us on where we're at with our roadmap and plans. Some of us actually took a slightly longer winter break this year (well, I did) and had a ton of catching up to do in January. 2021 has been personally challenging for me during this pandemic and so I decided to take care of my mental health. I hope many of you had a chance to do so as well this past holiday season!

    I hope you enjoyed your winter break and that you are feeling a bit better with regards to your mental health @NianticDanbocat. Looking after yourself is important and I'm glad you were able to take a longer break in order to help deal with things.


    We're diving deep into reviewing your appeals starting this week. Thanks for your patience on this. We shipped the feature with our last release of 2021 in early December, which I hope has given folks enough time to choose which nomination you wanted to appeal. And we've spent the past few weeks tweaking our tooling to better support our team in reviewing your appeals, as well as training on how to make the decisions. Some of you should see decisions happening by end of this week or sooner!

    I think this is the bit that everyone was wanting to hear about, and it's good news! I'm sure there will be several happy people getting rejections overturned, and on the flip side I'm sure there will be a few people who don't get the decision they are hoping for. The main thing for me though is that either way, seeing some movement from the appeals system does at least inspire some optimism. I'm very curious to see what does and doesn't make it in through the results of appeals.

    Contribution Management page

    We have some more updates lined up here for spring/summer. These include:

    The ability to put a nomination on HOLD. This would pull it out of the review queue and release it whenever you want. This means if you submitted a nomination that you don't feel is up to par and want to modify it, or think about whether you just want to withdraw it so that it doesn't hurt your rating, or you want to ensure it doesn't get auto upgraded, you'll be able to buy yourself this time.

    Also in the backlog is displaying the other types of contributions you have made in addition to your nominations. This would be title, description or location edits, or photos you've submitted for review!

    Putting nominations on hold is good for those who feel that upgrades maybe aren't great at getting seen by decent reviewers, though personally I can't really say I've experienced that. Being able to see contributions will be a plus. I still think one of my photo submissions has got stuck in the system as it's taken far longer than any other contribution I've made to Wayfarer, so it'll be good to actually see it in the system and see what can be done about it. I also have a habit of losing track of other edits that I've submitted, so it'll be nice to have an easy to view record of those.


    We are going to experiment with relaxing cooldown periods for Explorers that are in Good and Great standing. We aren't yet sure when we want to start this, but we'll let you know so that you can give us your feedback on how that's impacting your experience.

    Again, I can't say I've really been affected by these (I think I got one or two in the very early days of Wayfarer, but I also think things were a bit buggy back then). I'm sure those who run into cool downs more often will like this though. I do hope it potentially cuts down on the amount of "submit form to continue" pages that I experience after I click the "submit and finish reviewing" button (yes, those only tend to pop up at the end of my review sessions for some reason).


    Yes - we are starting conversations internally on how we are going to help clean coal from the backlog of nominations. I don't have specific details I can share yet, but the approach is to look at what can we reliably scrub out automatically first, and longer term, tackle the more complex and sensitive decisions that are harder to automate (like fake nominations or hate speech, which can be very subtle and nuanced).

    This is a good step in the right direction, though I can appreciate it'll take time as I can't imagine any particularly easy and foolproof way of implementing it. I'm sure there is a way forward though and that the team will manage to find that way.

    Wayfarer Challenge/Events

    We're thinking of new type of events and challenges for later this year, more to come when we know what we're going to do. There are a ton of ideas being thrown around and opportunities with other launches happening within the company this year!

    A new Wayfarer Challenge would be a fun thing to look forward to, especially if it has a new look/feel to it and maybe a different focus. I'm curious to see what ideas come to fruition, and hope that everyone who wants to participate is able to, as the Brazil event was a little bit of a let down for the wider audience (though I do understand the reasoning behind doing it the way it was done). I enjoyed the India and Russia challenges and it would be nice to get a window into another new reviewing area at some point!

    Finally, don't forget to follow us Twitter! I'm there posting with Tintino (as ^dc). Thanks to those of you who've already engaged with us there. Everyone is being super kind and supportive of each other and we love the new energy it's bringing to the community. We hope we can post there in multiple languages, but please be patient with us as we sort that out!

    I knew that was Tintino with his boba tea haha. I hope you're both enjoying the Twitter account. There was one thing that was a bit questionable that seems to have already been addressed elsewhere, but for the most part it seems to have been a successful launch and hopefully it reaches people who may not be familiar with the forum.

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    i too am glad you have taken time to look after your MH, it is vital.

    And you have brought us some positive news about what is coming up.

    I look forward to further updates soon and a way for us to provide comments and feedback about what comes out of appeals. The information we can feedback could be really useful.

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    Wait a minute, what?????? We have a rating for submissions now????? When did that happen? How's that fair? Everyone has had stuff rejected stupidly, or have taken punts on things that were 50/50 at best, how can we have a rating for submissions when the review process isn't right

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    Calm down, Danbocat said that isn't currently the case and it has been removed from the main post. The quote doesn't update to reflect the edited version though.

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    Awesome thanks for the big update! Now curious about a Wayfarer Ambassador update :)

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    It’s great that you’re diving into Appeals. Will we be able to see if it’s under review? I know the Niantic In Voting is used, so maybe it would change to that?

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    if someone made over a dozen appeals will u go through each and one of them vs someone who sent in only one ?

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    Is it planned to implement the option to "save up" Upgrades? I feel like I don't need them (my cell is very fast) and would rather use them on nominations in other locations :)

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    A tradition is to tell children that if are naughty, Santa will bring them coal for Christmas. The term was first used to describe Nominations one Christmastime, years ago.

    Most of my appeals are from 2017 and 2018. Why email those reviewers out of the blue, saying they did a bad job on one review five years ago? They probably don't even review anymore, and pettiness would ensure they never come back.

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