I AM DONE - reviewers as bad as never before

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It's so bad I could just ****!

Yesterday I put my hard earned upgrade on a tennis court in my area. Now the review is complete - and my post is marked as duplicate 😂

The reviewers only see the basketball court, which is 200m away from the tennis court, and mark it as a duplicate. This proves that the examiners don't even invest a millisecond in the review and just see "okay, something looks pretty similar - let's just mark it as a duplicate and not look to see if it really is a duplicate".

What am I earning my upgrades for anyway? Everything just gets rejected for the strangest reasons!

My suggestion: You could add another level to the Wayfarer-Rating-Scale. Then we would have "great" and above that "excellent". And excellent reviewers could also review appeals. Even if our proposals are rejected for the strangest reasons, there would then be more people to review them and see that the proposal is actually great. 

Best wishes, Luigi

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