Fake Series of a Moving LFL in Northern Sydney and other random junk



  • Thank you for following up with the evidence. We have taken action on the Wayspots, Wayfinders were already punished.

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    Thank you. I still see them in Intel, but given the daily syncing, I will check back tomorrow. There is more.

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    I just got this nomination to review. Were they really punished? This is another bench in which their colours will fade in a matter of weeks. Confirm that it is not the same Wayfinder that you "punished" submitting this garbage.

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    Sadly, it's probably just another account he has.

    Level 38 in Pokémon GO takes a bit of time, but level 10 in Ingress today can easily be reached in a week.

    Or, since the wayfarer team doesn't seem to have the authority to restrict wayfarer logins but not game logins, it's possible that wayspot nominations can be made from the game.

    A player who was penalized in the past for submitting a fake wayspot that I appealed is still playing the game and is happy to see that his appeal was approved on another account that was probably not penalized.

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    If that is the situation, then I can't win this battle against spam without Niantic's support.

    I know it's fake and extremely temporary, but I can't beat excessive levels of spam because they will keep me turned off from reviewing in Wayfarer, so... I would have to let it slide, and become extremely lenient.

    To the abuser, if you are reading this (which I know you are), apologise for stealing one of my friend's survey mark photos from CRANEBROOK (i.e. 176859), and then maybe I'll start letting all your fraudulent nominations slide.

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    I'm sure the wayfarer team doesn't have the authority to do this, but most of them won't change their minds unless we also ban game logins.

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    @NianticGiffard - do you need more evidence to action @HaramDingo-ING's survey work as posted here? These Wayspots are all of a similar nature to the ones I posted, so I'm guessing that they may have been missed by accident?

    I can confirm that as of this weekend, these were still active as Pokestops when I drove past on my way to Sydney for the Johto Tour event. If more evidence is required, I'm happy to head out and collect it in the coming days/weeks. Please just let us know which non-existent Wayspots require further documentation.

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    Thus, there is no end to the number of vicious players creating and nominating junk features for objects that are commonly overflowing.

    And unfortunately, Japan's Poké-Lid may be having a negative impact on some players, and we have seen cases where players draw graffiti on common tiles, manholes, and switchboards in front of their homes and nominate them. (I've seen a few nominations and wayspots with Pokémon and monster balls drawn on them.)

    Such vicious player behavior not only damages Niantic's reputation, but also has a negative impact on Pokémon Co.

    And, of course, it has a negative impact on Niantic's other games, Ingress, Pikmin, and the upcoming Transformers.

    The majority of people who do not play the game think that Pokémon GO game players are a group of people who are harmful to society.(While those who do play the game are a minority. That common sense doesn't apply to them.)

    This is already becoming a fixation.

    It is truly shameful.

    It's very alarming.

    And this will have a significant negative impact on the future of Niantic.

    We have much less time left than you think.

    Right now, you may be occupied with reviews of re-nominations appealed by players.

    I'm sure I'm not the only player who thinks that the previously on-time operation of the forums, and the responses to the various appeals on the forums, has slowed down significantly since 2022.

    But this matter is far more important than the re-review. It needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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    Fantastic, please feel free to reach out if you need anything else checked in person.

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    Hi guys! We reviewed the report brought up by @HaramDingo-ING and have taken action on 7 Wayspots and a Wayfinder in accordance with our policies but the Wayspot "Pride Pole Mural" does not require any adjustments at this time. I appreciate you for helping us maintain the quality of Wayspots.

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    I think what has intensified and exasperated this report is Intel. It is not currently syncing. It still shows several wayspots which I reported above such as:

    • Pride Manhole Mural
    • Rainbow Pride Mural
    • Prince Memorial Mural
    • Turramurra Zebra Bench
    • Christmas '19 Mural, and
    • Black Lives Matter Mural

    It shows them all currently on Intel at the moment, as they are seen below in the order above. It may be another issue.

    I urge you to reconsider the removal of Pride Pole Mural, it is heavily degraded from its original form.

    Furthermore, I have also received this exact same spam nomination from this Wayfinder right now, as it appears below:

    In my last post with images, I showed the exact same pole to what it looked like on that day. This nomination is being submitted with an OLD PHOTO, showing an OLD PHOTOSPHERE and the same **** *** statement from a **** *** who should be **** banned and ****.

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    Hey guys! The Ballarat Skipton Rail Trail for some reason moved to Turramurra!

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    Does the Pilgrim Trail that runs through Subiaco to New Norcia run past Turramurra? @Tntnnbltn-ING may be able to provide an answer to that.

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    Sorry for making your job difficult and for dealing with the sick and twisted mess that is I. But I do hope that you will take some of the things within those pre-edited vents constructively and bring that up with the broader team.

    I know it's just one person, or maybe they're just using numerous accounts to just spam all this. But please make it stop.

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    @NianticGiffard remember 'The Flame of Ninetales' that you asked for further evidence in a previous post? Well I have just gotten that nomination to review again on Wayfarer (8:33am on 6 March 2022, AEDT)

    Remember what it looks like that @WoodWose-PGO posted on 18 February 2022 to investigate what it looked like? It is extremely poor in shape.

    It is the exact photos used for a nomination that was found and posted on 25 January 2022. There is a fraudulent photosphere showing this vandalism done back in December 2021 to allegedly prove its permanence, but reviewers all know better.

    So stop beating around the bưsh and answer my questions instead of saying that action has been taken because clearly your team has not!

    1. Is this the same person that you so-called "punished" submitting this, or an alternate account?
    2. I have never heard of anyone posting that they have actually had their Pokemon GO or any associated game account being suspended or banned. Can you ever confirm that the Wayfarer team has enough influence to even ban ANYONE?
    3. You have reported that action was taken on December 23, February 17 (2 Wayfinders), claim they were already punished on February 23, and once again on March 1, and they are still out there submitting fake trails (spamming them really) and old nominations that were previously reported in this thread. They are using their daily accruals to spam the system with both their Pokemon and Ingress account (it was discovered that they have one), regardless of whether they actually have access to their Wayfarer account.

    So now I'm going to not just tag you Giffard, but @NianticTintino and @NianticDanbocat. If you are able to answer these questions above and pacify my abhorrence anguish, then do so, fam. I am legit about to quit, fam. Can you answer these questions, fam?

    If you can't provide a suitable response by the morning of Saturday 12 March my time or fix the Ingress sync issue (unrelated), then that proves that you don't give a rat's rear about Wayfarer, and care not about what we say (truly evident in the Wayfarer Ambassador Program discussion).

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    Hi @NianticGiffard, it seems that our friend is back at it again. I just had the following nomination come through for review:

    Cardi Bench Plaque

    Wayspot Photo (censored to maintain community standards):

    In this photo, you can clearly see that the trainer has printed the plaque on a sheet of paper, ink Phillips-head screws and all, hand-cut the scalloped corners of the paper "plaque", and then adhered it to the bench.

    I photographed the same bench on the 21st of Feb this year. It was previously graffitied to create the Wayspot "Transgender Flag Bench" (which was removed following discussion in this thread), it was located at -33.732073,151.126143.

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    I see several wayspots, some of the fake trails in Turramurra start to resurface again. Some have made it through the system.

    Now I understand your intent, Niantic.

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    @CipherBlakk-PGO if you saw that after this endless report Niantic has decided not to ban or stop the user from spamming these fake nominations again and again, do you think maybe they permit such abuse?

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    This is just outrageous. Everything Niantic wants to do as a company - from AR to game development and beyond - runs off Lightship. Wayfarer abusers are a direct threat to the company’s well-being and future, not to mention credibility among their current player base, yet here we have an undeniable, documented pattern of overt, unrepentant, ILLEGAL abuse, and Niantic is ignoring reality as much as possible.

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    Today is March 20, 2022. This time I included a photo

    This Pan Pride Pole has been documented to have been submitted since January 25. But in fact it has been since late 2021 that is has started to surface and spam the system.

    Remember what it looks like from this image posted on February 23? Nothing like what is is in the photo.

    Just tell me to give up for good and to let it be and I will stop posting this Niantic! Tell me, is abuse okay? Stop ignoring me.

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    I also have to question why some of these Wayspots have been allowed to stay in the Lightship database.

    Both "Pride Pole Mural" and "Genderqueer Pride Pole" were reported in this thread but still remain active, the latter in particular being in a clear state of heavy decay when observed in the real world due to the unsuitability of the paints used.

    Similarly, "TPS Aboriginal Mural" and "Indigenous BLM Mural" both show all the hallmarks of being from the same suite of graffiti.

    These Wayspots were all submitted under the guise of being part of a community engagement project. This community engagement project is a pure work of fiction, it has never existed. As @HaramDingo-ING mentioned, the local council area that this graffiti occurred in is very conservative and there are few (if any) legitimate works of this nature there.

    The majority of this vandalism has occurred without authorisation to council property, the property of utility companies, and on the grounds of residential strata corporation property. Funds and staff have had to be allocated to remove the graffiti which was created solely for the purposes of Pokémon GO and other Niantic titles. This does not reflect well on Niantic or the communities that it has fostered.

    I'm sure it's frustrating for everyone here, but as someone who contributed to these reports with on-the-ground evidence, taking time out of my day and fuel out of my car, it is a little disappointing and somewhat surprising to witness Niantic being so soft and (arguably) ineffectual when it comes to addressing this particular situation. It almost feels like we're like Sisyphos pushing a boulder up a steep hill only to have it roll all the way down again once we're near the top.

  • Tntnnbltn-INGTntnnbltn-ING Posts: 804 Ambassador

    Watching from afar, it is disappointing that clear evidence of abuse has been pointed out over and over again, including in-person photos for verification, but the actions taken have seemingly done little to prevent the abuse.

    It would seem that either stronger action should have been taken, or that the measures which Niantic have to prevent abuse need to be strengthened to deal with this kind of malicious behaviour.

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    The RTA Bridge Plaque 2010, which has been spammed to oblivion has unfortunately slipped through reviewers.

    RTA Bridge Plaque 2010: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=-33.733387,151.129451

    I think people are really tired of the extreme brute forcing and spamming of nominations that this reviewer has been doing for months on end, so I think some are giving up and are starting to let them slide through. I spent quite a bit of time taking a break from reviewing just so I could maybe... calm down a bit? But in my absence, some have slipped through the system.

    I saw "The Flame of Ninetails" in review today, too. Nice to see that around still.......

    But the probability that we will see this thread being closed before action is really taken is astronomical. I'm happy to give up if Niantic already has, too.

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    Sorry, what? Was this question supposed to relate to something, or are you just asking for my opinion out of the blue, or ...? I don't recall commenting on this thread. 😂

  • Hi guys! We have further taken action on 24 Wayspots and the Wayfinder in accordance with our policies.

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