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    Are we there yet?

  • Hello Explorers,

    Apologies for the delay. We are still working on confirming the final candidates. Believe me, I'm as excited to announce as you all are.


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    When will you announce the final Wayfarer Ambassador candidates?


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    I hope ambasadors gets some kind of flair on the forum, with some kind of identifiable graphic/symbol. Some kind of image that would make it clear who is one despite language barriers.

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    Exciting to meet all the new ambassadors.

    Though @NianticTintino, those are only 10 of the 12 that was said to be announced. Is 10 the new number of ambassadors or will there be 2 more coming?

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    Whoops, can't believe I skimmed over that part. Thanks for answering.

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    Objection! Tehstone is 16

    (this isn’t a serious post- it’s a discord meme)

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    I hope I can be of help!

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    Congratulations to our newly minted Ambassadors! It's been fascinating to read everyone's intros. I believe we can expect great things from this group as they represent our community. This will be a fun year, good luck!!

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    I was going to post the gif of the neutral planet guy saying "I have no strong feelings one way or the other" but I can't work out how to post gifs in here 🤣🤣

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    Congrats to the people selected, I recognise a couple of names and know those I recognise are fairly good to discuss stuff with

    Now mist important question, what do they do?

  • Hope this Will work out! 🙃

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    I know the first three names from their help on Discord, and am very excited these are the kind of people you chose! Congrats to all the ambassadors, and I am looking forward to more communication now.

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    A many congratulations to everyone selected. I look forward to working with everyone in the future. Here we are all one team rather than working against each other like we do when we play the games. Here we are all working toward a common goal. To better the platform for the games that we love. I truly congratulate everyone selected. I’m so happy for you guys! I can’t wait to work with each & every one of you looking forward. And with everyone else as well. I personally have always commonly used advise from many of those listed, and others I personally don’t know. But that’s fine. We just haven’t crossed paths yet & I look forward to it. I have been playing for a little over five years & I have taught a many of new wayfinders in that time. Many who were still learning but wanted to help in submitting things within my community & those scattered throughout the state that I live in around me. I missed the deadline to apply for this due to work. But honestly it’s for the best because at the time, it just wasn’t meant to be. I am so happy for all of you guys! Take this time to celebrate. Very exciting! I am proud of all of you & to everyone who took the time to apply. It takes all of us to make a difference & that is what we are here for. Stay awesome everybody 😎 🤩

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    Congrats to everyone selected.

    Let's hope that you enjoy your new positions.

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    Lets hope it goes well for all.

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    Congrats to all who were selected! @NianticTintino amazing selection of candidates! The program is definitely in good hands

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