Will Niantic impose sanctions on Russia?

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Will Niantic make a statement and shut down the game servers for Russia?

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    That was my thought too at first. But there are certainly government representatives who also play and the more sanctions at all possible levels, the greater the chance that people will rebel against their government. It was Putin and no one else who ordered the start of the Ukraine war, but his actions should have consequences in all levels, even as small as a AR game in the mobile.

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    Niantic will never (and shouldn't) do this, if only due to the fact it just wouldn't be a smart business decision as it would alienate a lot of their playerbase (of which a lot of them don't even agree with their government's actions and are suffering from it)...

    I'd be a bit worried if people felt at all incentivized to have a violent rebellious uprising because they couldn't play Pokemon Go/Ingress/etc. anymore lol

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    What he’s insisting is that it’s a sensitive topic & needs shut down. A lot of us agree with what needs done politically. I’m just going to agree to disagree. I have an opinion but instead I’m just going to be quiet & sit back & enjoy the show 🍿 💥

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    I think we can all agree that putin and the Russian government are doing extremely evil things right now, and I’d agree with punishing them for those evils. I would not agree with punishing an entire country, who I’m pretty sure has not had a real election in God only knows how long and are ruled through fear and brutality, for the evils of putin and the Russian government.

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    Niantic has nothing to do with blm, but they removed the waypoints that glorified the confederacy so why can't they do the same with russia in removing anything that glorifies putin and stalin?

    Just to point out, I wasn't exactly for niantic doing the confederacy thing anyway, I'm from Britain and believe things should be left to learn from the past, the glories as well as the many, many failures, as well as seeing it from the other sides standpoints be they wrong or not, bit I'm pointing out that niantic have done political stuff before, there's no reason they can't now for something deadly serious

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    I’m not talking about that as a show I mean the show here if it gets out of control. I live in the US so it’s probably obvious where I stand. I should have worded that better. But it also shouldn’t have been taken out of context either. It’s a forum, of course I’m against innocent people dying. Especially ones where some guy trying to make himself rich over gasoline rather than care about his own people. People were against Donald Trump in the US, now they’re against Biden too. Putin though is worse than both combined

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    Politically if countries would align together & put a stop to Russia Putin would knock it off. It wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is, who’s going to stand up to him? I’m going to stop talking about it now. I’m a U.S. Army Veteran. America won’t step up with Joe Biden as President. He’s just a follower

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    I can’t agree with you at all that Trump liked Putin. He does some things that are alright. Donald Trump only really said that Putin was intelligent. His words get misconstrued big time I’ve come to notice. He ended up saying that Putin wasn’t really that intelligent. He was just smarter than all of our dumb politicians in office here in the States. I would more so say that Biden could be in on it. Especially with his past in Ukraine & all of the terrible things he has already done & his son too. Biden has imposed sanctions but so have many other countries. He’s just one guy & a lot of countries politicians in charge see him as a door mat & walk all over him. I didn’t even vote for Trump. I actually can’t believe I’m saying a lot of this stuff. I just think Biden has done a terrible job thus far. He’s the guy that said if you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t black. Which is racist. I know Trump said things like that too but never like that. For anyone who is used to democratic presidents he may be doing a fine job but as an American I know he won’t be president in 3 years no matter who runs against him. The whole world sees how incompetent he is now. He will never be Barack Obama. He needs to stop trying to be Barack & be Joe. I just don’t see it happening. Trump would have done better because Putin was afraid of him, & republicans ALWAYS do better in these situations. Democrats to a better job when it comes to medicinal purposes. I stand completely independent. I honestly didn’t even vote for Trump so I don’t want to give the false impression that I did

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    I posted a comment but I think I said something that may have been banned. I’ll post it better more simply

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    I don’t believe that Biden is doing well for America. I believe he may seem to be doing well for everyone else, but for Americans he hasn’t done much for us. I don’t want to give a false impression like I voted for Trump or I even support him because I don’t, yet. I could more so see Biden being in on it rather than Trump. Trump would have stepped in. Putin was afraid of him. The thing is though, that Trump wasn’t as supported as Biden is in other countries. Another thing that makes Biden more in the crossfire is because Biden was involved with Ukraine in the past & for very very very bad reasons. His son was involved as well. Donald Trump never said that he liked Putin. What he said was that Putin was intelligent. He then reiterated & explained that Putin wasn’t really intelligent, he was just smarter than our dumb politicians who are in office. Trump would have done better regardless because it seems like Republicans always do good with things like War. Democrats are normally great when it comes to healthcare. Honestly though I’m not much into politics but I can’t help but set the story straight when I see it getting misconstrued in anyway & I apologize for that

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    As I said, I can say from my perspective so can't really comment on how it's perceived in America. Perosnay I'd rather have Biden than our prime minister, at least then I know we wouldn't have even as in the pocket of putin as we are now

    I'll leave this at that though, it's way off topic

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    I completely agree with you. Thank you for being kind & understanding & being a good person all around. Sometimes it seems nowadays we can’t even talk to one another nowadays without someone getting upset. I can see that. I always see how unliked Boris is. Makes me wonder how he even got elected in the first place. You’re in the same debacle we are in the US. I agree it’s off topic but it’s also nice to talk about it as well. Especially without things getting hostile. I appreciate you regardless

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    Oh I can answer how Boris got voted in, that's easy looking back. He was all about brexit, so he appealed to the more anti Europe contingent, he also got pushed by the media that wanted brexit. Its also made worse by the opposition at the time being weak, corbyn who ran against him is unpopular (despite regularly wanting things to improve for the working class) so in a popularity contest with the media backing him, Boris was always going to win. He might have even been acceptable if it wasn't for the pandemic, the poor choices of cabinet and the shoddy handling of the brexit negotiations, but all of these, combined with his being in the spotlight more than he ever was bringing out the real him, showed how God awful he is I'm a crisis and in general (he always said he wanted to be pm so he could make a fortune on the dinner speech after he was done as pm, but he never actually planned/trained for when he would become pm)

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    it seems I can see that for sure. I’ve also noticed it’s common for Britains prime minister to be conservative. Almost sounds rigged in a way. Don’t worry the people will end up doing the right thing & getting rid of him if it’s what is really wanted. To me it sounds as if he is very unliked so if a great candidate runs against him I expect him to not stand a chance. That’s actually just sad all around. I expect Boris to get voted out. Boris always reminded me of Donald Trumps younger brother 🤣

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    The Ruble is worthless now, Russian players pay in Rubles. Niantic will make no money on Russian players as this plays out. I will stay out of the political side of the discussion as it is way off topic to this forum.

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    You’re right! It’s worth less than one penny in American dollars right now. One good thing out of all of this. Thanks for sharing this information

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