Appeal to remove portal

Title: Old RNLI and coastguard Observation Tower.

Location: Donna Nook, Lincolnshire (31U 311327, 5928379)

Nearest city: Saltfleetby

This portal should be removed as it's impossible for anyone to gain access to without trespassing on private land (the road behind). The area behind is private land owned by a development company and has many private residents..

I've spoken to a few residents as Ive approached the Portal from the beach side.

In order to gain access to get close to the portal you would have to climb through layers and layers of Hawthorne and rose thorns. No human can get here unless they were knight body armour.

It's an unreasonable portal for gamers.

It's a nice view from the beach but that's all it is.

The yellow marks private land border. There is a small cut through which has a sign warning about trespassing.

Even going down the small path it's impossible to reach the portal.

Image below is view from the beach.

This area is usually sealed off to allow seals to enjoy their natural habitat and calfing area. Since I'm familiar with the beach I knew when to go and explore the portal without any seals being in the area.

This can be confirmed by contacting Donna Nook seal watch.

Each other portal along this route is valid.

If needed I will get proof from the path and repost it to be removed.



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