Recurrence of arbitrary manipulation of the Pokémon GO field (attraction of Pokémon gyms)

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Hello. @NianticGiffard

This time, I'm going to tell you a story that will disappoint you.

You remember this appeal discussion, don't you?

It's about the arbitrary manipulation of the field by an abusive community after having a fraudulently faked nomination approved.

In this case, you penalized the multi-account that nominated this wayspot, corrected the wayspot's location, and revoked all photos and likes.

The wayspot in question disappeared from Pokémon GO, but somehow came back a few days later. (The wayspot itself was not removed, nor was it merged with the playground equipment of the same cluster that grew right next to it, and the previously reported bug of the wayspot appearing in Pokémon GO after some operation on Ingress has not been resolved.)

Now, I think I have already reported to you that the nominator of the four accounts that were penalized at this time has no remorse for his wrongdoing, and has even threatened to harm me in a fit of rage.

So, I checked the field again the other day and found that the nominator and the community in the area with the intent to abuse are once again attempting to manipulate the field in an arbitrary manner.

As of February 27, 2022, 45 likes again.

The wayfarer team has previously stated that they do not expect this kind of behavior and that it is an action that can be penalized.

In addition, there have been a number of clearly unwarranted and low quality reviews in this area, including the following wayspot a few days ago, which you have clearly stated is inappropriate for this area.

Therefore, I would like to request the wayfarer team to do the following

1. complete suspension of Wayfarer reviews for the four accounts of this nominator

2. Completely stop nominating this nominator's game app (but you don't have the authority to stop logging into the game itself, so there's no point in asking)

3. Warning to players who are giving this wayspot a like.

As many wise wayfinders here are aware, the Wayfarer system is on the verge of collapse.

We don't have much time left.

Please rebuild the Wayfarer system and consult with the team in charge of Pokémon GO to get on the right track.

We do not want the field to be destroyed by vicious players.



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