Niantic Should Keep Its Promise of "reviewing past rejections starting with the Generic Business"

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Niantic made this promise many times. Here's one:

With the updated criteria, there was a promise to rereview previously rejected nominations that may meet the updated requirements. How will that work? 

While this is a big effort, we are already working on reviewing past rejections starting with the Generic Business category. Keep an eye on the forum for updates on other efforts related to this initiative.

Niantic should keep their promise, and review "generic business" rejections first, then other rejections from before the criteria update. (No matter where that nomination is - even near a big city. It was already slow-tracked once.)

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    That's what appeals are for. Players can check that point of interest still exists, meets the current criteria, and choose which nominations they want niantic to review first, given that niantic reviewing power is limited.

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    They promised they'd review "Generic Business" rejections first, then they'd review other rejections from before the criteria update (autumn 2020).

    Instead, they are reviewing newer rejections (nominated 2021 and 2022).

    I appealed many from Oct 2017-Jun 2020. I shouldn't have been required to - Niantic said they would just look at them. But I made a list, and patiently appealed one a day. I still have 6 more to appeal from that era. Two to 4.5 years is bloody long time to wait for your work to pay off.

    (I don't resubmit rejected wayspots. Where I live, it's so much time to get one through, it's not worth doing again.)

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    I strongly agree with the OP. Even though I didn't have "generic business" rejections, this was something that excited me to maybe see a little visibility and insight to Niantic's definitions of eligible businesses.

    I haven't seen anyone report overturned rejections since this announcement.

    There are many promises statements of intent from Niantic over the past few years that have not been actioned on, so anything would seem like a win and commitment to following through.

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    I appealed 3 nominations when the button was active. One of those was rejected before as "generic business" and "does not meet criteria". The appeal worked and it is a portal now. So, now you see someone reporting overturned "generic business".

    Then, if wayfarer team can re-evaluate one nomination in a month, I'd prefer to choose which one to appeal. If they can afford more, I would still prefer to choose extra nomination to appeal, not let niantic pick a random rejection. I have some rejected nominations which were actually bad, or I don't care anymore, or they might no longer exist, or re-submitted and already approved - why pick those at random when I can select what exactly I want to appeal?

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    Yes, I want to choose which pre-criteria-change rejections to appeal. Many have already become Wayspots in the meanwhile. Sometimes rejections were correct.

    But if appeals must be rationed, we shouldn't have to sacrifice more recent rejections, in order to appeal ones we were promised to be appealed for "free".

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    It's not exactly "free", it would be the same wayfarer team re-evaluating "regular" appeals now. More "pre-criteria-change" appeals would mean less "regular" appeals, there is no magic.

    Can they do more than one appeal per month for every agent? Maybe yes, maybe no.

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    What I see is a successfully overturning a rejection using the appeal method. Congratulations, but that's not what I was looking for.

    While this is a big effort, we are already working on reviewing past rejections starting with the Generic Business category.

    That's not "we are looking at ways to review past rejections in the future," that's "we are already doing this." That post was published in November 2020 and I haven't seen any overturned decisions until appeals started. There should have been a year's worth of overturned rejections. While I certainly don't think I would have seen them all through here, Discord servers, or Facebook groups, I suspect I would have at least seen one, if they happened in any meaningful quantity.

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