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New wayspots are not showing up in Wizards Unite since the end of April

Cosk62-INGCosk62-ING Posts: 48 ✭✭✭
edited May 2020 in Report a Bug

A wayspot I nominated was accepted on May 4, 2020 and still has not shown up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (as of 5/13/2020). It is the only wayspot in an L17 cell, so it should appear in Wizards Unite. It showed up in Ingress and Pokemon GO as expected.

I asked local players and on Reddit. It appears that no new wayspots showed up in Wizards Unite since about April 27.

I contacted HP:WU support last Friday (May 8) and they said it's a Niantic issue and they would notify the team responsible for this process.

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