Homogenisation of Ingress and PoGo submission capabilities and benefits

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Recently, the number of available nomination was made equal between Ingress and Pokémon Go. However, Ingress players still have superior possibilities when submitting a Wayspot and better benefits if it is accepted. At the moment, Ingress players:

  • Can submit Wayspots in a range of 25 km from their current location (vs. 10 km for PoGo)
  • Can propose edits and pictures for existing Wayspots in a range of 100 km from their current location (vs. 80 m in PoGo)
  • If the Wayspot is accepted in game, receive 1000 AP and a Portal Key (vs. nothing in PoGo)

At this point, there is no reason for such a different treatment. Both games should have the same capabilities, possibly with an enlarged submission range (we all know that if someone has malicious intents, they can fake their position anyway, the current system only limits people who are in good faith). Moreover, PoGo players should be able to see their created Pokéstops and Gyms in their Postcard book.

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    Two additional differences:

    • If a nomination made through Ingress becomes a portal, it counts for the “Portals discovered” stat. If the same nomination was made through Pokémon Go, and it becomes a portal, it does not count for the “Portals discovered” stat — even though the two accounts at linked. Ingress should award credit to submitters regardless of which app they made the submission on.
    • During the nomination process, Pokemon Go shows other Niantic POIs which are not in Pokémon Go (albeit at a very small range). Ingress lacks this functionality entirely. It previously was not needed, but will be now due to changes to Lightship and having non-Ingress POIs.
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    this would be great for both games (and any other ones which may be added to the mix) and would really help with the long term health of wayfarer

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    I think the original idea was to limit pogo players until they determined if we were abusing things too much. There has been plenty of time to collect this data though and make appropriate changes. Given how popular the remote submissions feature is in pogo it makes a lot of sense to expand their edit range to equal that of ingress.

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