Would you consider using an Auto-Upgrade for older Submissions/Edits still In Voting/In Queue?

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Would you consider using an Auto-Upgrade for old submissions/edits still In Voting/In Queue?  For instance, if a submission reaches "X" (months/days), the Wayfarer system should automatically push those submissions/edits to a larger geographic area. In many cases, submissions and edits have been stuck In Voting or even In Queue for years. With some people having submissions In Voting/In Queue for over 2 years, these type of submissions only need a few more votes to complete and it seems reasonable that an Auto-Upgrade would clear most of these submissions out of the system.

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    Instead of an auto upgrade, I’d like to see Niantic offer a free upgrade for all nominations unresolved after a year. That way, the person nominating could decide whether they get upgraded or continue to stay local only.

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