Evaluating Contribution Limits, the Onboarding Process, and the brute-forcing of the Wayfarer test

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Within the last six months we saw the following implementations in particular:

  • Contribution limits in Pokemon GO increased from 7 per fortnight, to 40 with a daily accrual.
  • The absolute limit to passing the Wayfarer test was nullified from only twice ever (from 30 days after failing it the first time), to an unlimited amount every 15 minutes.
  • All submission features in Pokékmon GO are locked down until the Wayfarer quiz is passed.

I didn't want to spam a billion questions and so I decided to condense them into a one post here:

Contribution Limits

  • Was 40 nomination slots for everyone worth it? What changes did it bring to either people's backlogs, or the increase of nominations in cities?
  • Is it still worth for someone completely new to Wayfarer to be instantly ready to submit 40 instances of coal?

The Wayfarer Test

  • Was this effective in the onboarding of new Wayfinders across the world? Do you have statistics on the failure rates?
  • Do you know of any Wayfinder who has failed the test at least ten times, passed it, and has never reached "great" rating?

Onboarding Flow Launch

  • Do you believe that this was effective enough in curbing casual abuse? Have the amount of nominations submitted in the system changed dramatically since this was implemented?
  • Are there any plans to take this one step further?

As a bonus (because I know that you know that I love bonus answers)

  • During the Wayfarer outage, we discovered that the buttons to nominate a new Pokestop or Portal disappear, contributions management, and the button to even suggest edits or do portal scans are tied to Wayfarer and completely disappeared. Do you have the capacity to toggle the buttons from abusers or bar them from even accessing Wayfarer so they are unable to make any contributions? Because people who are banned or suspended from Wayfarer can still suggest or submit nominations.
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    I would love to know the answers to these as well. Personally as an experienced wayfarer I love the new 40 submissions system but can see how for new reviewers it would make sense to lower the limit. I also want to see the data on how the submissions changed after the new test lock on submissions. Personally if feels like much less explicitly ineligible coal (feet, fire house, school, bedroom)

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