Will Intentional Photo Deterioration Be Addressed?

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Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons photo deterioration is a real problem that is happening due to a variety of reasons and I wanted to ask if there are plans to addresses the topic.

Here are some of the problems with the current photo system;

Photo Thumb Upping to purposely troll other Players/Agents even if the photo is much more worse in quality. This one is a long time issue but has started to get out of hand with the new Dynamic Links option in Ingress where photos can get a mass coordinated photo cover change.

Intentional mediocre pictures that include both an ineligible and eligible nomination which eventually get the nomination to be edited to be the ineligible nomination as the Wayspot.

Pictures that are duplicates when reviewing but are of subpar quality to the existing Wayspot picture.

Nominations that have the exact same picture submitted multiple times since people spam submit the same nomination until it gets approved. When it is approved you would see the same picture multiple times in a picture edit for the existing Wayspot in question.

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