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Title of the Wayspot : Point zéro des routes de France

Location : 48.853356, 2.348783

City: Paris

Country: France

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: 


This photo should be deleted, as it matches the following rejection rule

Faction/Player tagging (anything with game specific symbols)

Photos that are blurry or under/over exposed

Thank you for reviewing my appeal

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    The beauty is relative according to eachone. Appeal is not about beauty, it's about rules.

    Niantic does not ask us to choose poi or photos according to our emotions, factions, memories but first according to the rules. Some people not respect it, that's why appeals exist. This photo violates the rules, like any other photos with game signs or faction signs.

    This is unfair because that's break the rules. And then, why not making same kind of photo everywhere, call 100 fellow to vote and said it's legit bc upvoted, regardless of the consequences for the quality of the portal network ? Rules needs to be respected, especially when a poi or picture explicitly violates it. And appeals exist to enforce the rules. If not, it's will be a wild jungle.

    A good advice : Respect the rules, then nobody need to appeal, then zero deletion, then zero change in poi network


    Ps: @NianticVK Can you lock this topic until review, thx

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    What, is unfair because is a ingress symbol ?

    Let report all NL1331 pictures ...

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