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There's a huge issue of miscommunication between Niantic and the community (which is not even exclusive to Wayfarer). It is something that the userbase feels constantly and is a huge source of frustration and mistrust in the Wayfarer team. It's nothing new either.

Many people often feel that it's hard to get the team's attention for pressing issues; that comments made by Niantic employees are vague and evasive; replies seem like copy-pasted script even in situations where it's not expected/required at all (not replies to reports, appeals, etc).

Apart from the ambassadors program (which is very early on, and already had its own issues - see the choice to drop the 12th ambassador and the community outcry that followed it) and the Twitter account - what steps is Niantic currently and actively taking to improve communication with the userbase? Are there specific causes for this miscommunication that the team is particularly aware of and is working on, and if so, how? Is there a "roadmap" of improvements planned for the near or far future?

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