Invalid Wayspot Report Appeal for a K-12 School location

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Title of Wayspot: The Benjamin Franklin School

Location is at 41.9061860, -87.6346610,-87.635168&z=18

City: Chicago

Country: United States

Rejection email:

Photos to support my claim: Google Maps image

Map image with satellite view showing the pin location of the wayspot is set within school grounds (the wayspot is even closer to the school building itself than the plaque is in reality)

And specifically regarding the marker that is the current photo for the wayspot that states it is still currently a school taken from a database of historic markers at

Here is the school's website that confirms it is still currently a K-8 elementary magnet school.

This clearly ineligible K-12 wayspot is in a historical section of the city that is very dense in construction and is blocking other eligible wayspots that are great places to explore nearby from appearing in games.

@NianticGiffard or @NianticVK could you please review this when you get a chance?


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