Niantic is Making Location Edits to Improve Map Quality



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    in my opinion it would be a better idea to extend the map with points. alignment of PoGo and ingress meshes. that each point qualifies in both applications, not removing points. in some countries there are definitely too few points

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    Given track record, I think it’s really important to know how this check is being done?

    when reviewing we are told it’s ok for the point to be within a metre or two - you can only move it if it’s above a limited distance. So is this looking for a higher degree of precision?

    Why use a word such as “healthy”, which it then implies is a bad thing? Does the removal make the density less healthy?

    it is perfectly possible in city centres to have a very high density of waypoints - yes there are specific areas of well known abuse and these could be specific targets. It is often an area where small objects do get moved, sometimes larger distances but often a slight shift often to accommodate something new. So whatever system they put in place it is going to have to be used on a regular basis to keep up with legitimate changes that are happening.

    This is all clearly driven by lightship wanting to be able to sell information and that requires the accuracy. The message is simply warning game players that there could be knock on changes.

    As usual it raises more questions

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    It makes sense that Niantic steps in to finally fix the position of wayspots that have a history of location edits or that now have a cloud of proposed location such that it's not possible to get an outcome from the regular process.

    That would end faction wars in such places and as long as Niantic uses a proper way to verify the real location, the outcome of this action should be a positive one.

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    I was puzzled by the rating and upgrade comment as well! Was this said to reiterate that edits don't affect this, or are they making an exception now, and edits actually could hurt you? Important information for someone who is working hard submitting edits almost daily to have correct wayspots. Some don't go through because reviewers are unsure (water towers is a mess to fix in Norway due to massive missinformation, leading to rejections now and then.)

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    Is Niantic going to hire somebody for physically check accuracy of items which cannot been seen on satellite or Google Street View? I'm thinking Wayspots under dense vegetation/tree cover, indoors (i.e. in a building) or underground? Or are they going to simply rely on their best assumptions without actually going there in person and checking if their assumptions are correct?

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    Yeah, this is not as bad as I first feared it could be. Though, of course, Niantic is creating more work for itself when we alreeady so many problems outstanding that have not been addressed for many months, in some cases years potentially, you will have to forgive me for being so cynical. Obviously, I believe there are a lot of things Niantic could be doing to improve their relations with their customers, and perhaps this should not be a priority considering all of the other outstanding things people on this forum have asked for (in the AMAs on this very forum and also elsewhere and been acknowledged by Niantic) that have not been acted upon.

    If these actions do bring improvements to the games I suppose in the end I'll have admit it was a good thing but I would still believe there were unaddressed issues of more importance.

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    The fact that you can actually "lock" wayspots from further edits is something that I asked for in December 2021's AMA

    This has been possible for at least a year or two, if not longer. Niantic will lock a wayspot from edits if the editing process is being abused (e.g. to break links in Ingress, etc.).

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    And all the while Ingress keeps everything. As per usual

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    Portal links and fields in Ingress may drop. 

    Ingress no longer gets everything anyways as some things just go in to Lightship.

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    But there's no mention at all about portals that might be removed because afterwards they might fail the 20m rule.

    It's very clear that location edits are a great danger for Pokemon, but Ingress allows to create clusters of portals and the only problem would be that links and fields will drop, but that shouldn't be an issue for city portals, they aren't good anchors like some remote portal in a hard to reach location.

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    In theory as they have stated this project, it sounds like it will be great. Pin location is a contentious issue for a lot of stops and creates confusion among Wayfarers, some of who think that pin location is not all that important because existing POIs have so many errors.

    In practice I’m glad it’s not in my hometown because Niantic has a very poor track record when it comes to large-scale map work.

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    Meanwhile all the rural park Poi I've made still have no spawns a year later. /sigh

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    • @NianticTintino Hello there! I have questions for you. Can you give us a little more clarity on what source of truth you will be using?
    • Boots on the ground?
    • Something else?

    • You said "Neighborhoods with a healthy density of Wayspots may see a modification or removal of a PokéStop or Gym. This is a normal rebalancing of the gameboard as Wayspots shift to more accurate locations. " Can you explain? NIA has never come out and talked about S2 cells. Are these moves going to take that in consideration? Why would legally placed POI's be removed from neighborhoods to "balance the gameboard?"

    I pay attention, closely and I am confused here. Can you talk a little more so I can understand?

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    How exactly is that related to this situation? :)

    Fact remains that this is another case where Pogo has / will have "rebalanging" (read: POIs removed from game map) and Ingress not.

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    What's your location? Maybe can ask people to set their bonus location at your place to speed up things in your area

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    If a portal already exists and is moved it stays in the game regardless of distance from other existing portals. Yet Pokestops and gyms are removed

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    is it just the at the POI or is the park barren of spawns?

    If it’s more like the later, have you checked that the tags on Open Street Map are correct. There are people on TSR on Reddit who can help.

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