Where is the 12th ambassador and why was the community outcry about the lack of one ignored?

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Niantic promised the community 12 ambassadors, which frankly, the community agrees was too little in the first place. When it came down to it, despite receiving hundreds of applications, Niantic failed to fill all 12 spots, most seemingly due to prioritizing invitations to less engaged users who couldn't be bothered to even check their emails.

The worst part of the decision for Niantic to not fill the 12th position was that is essentially said to the community that choosing no one was better than choosing someone for that last spot. This was echoed by many people in this thread. This is compounded by the fact that there are glaring holes in representation, such as in Western Europe (namely Germany), South America (namely Brazil), and Africa, as well as a strange apparent bias towards Central America which received 3 ambassadors while other high profile locations got less or none.

The community outcry to this was entirely ignored by Niantic, with their only statement on the topic of there being no 12 ambassador being a prememptive statement of "At this time, we have closed the Ambassadors program and will be continuing forward with the 11 we have selected. There's lots lined up and we gotta keep moving forward."

Despite that statement, the Ambassador program is now a month old from when the original ambassadors were announced and not only is there nothing to show for it yet, but the general public doesn't seem to understand their purpose yet nor do the ambassadors themselves seem to be taking on an increased role within the community. It does not seem like Niantic was ready to launch this program and it very much seems like the decision to not choose a 12th ambassador was completely arbitrary and pointless.

So where is the 12th ambassador and why was the community outcry about the lack of one ignored?

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