Statues in the river (Bremen-Süd +α)

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Hi, @NianticGiffard , @NianticTintino.

I found something on IntelMap that I'm interested in, can you have a look at it with me?

Next to Bremen there is a Bundesland called ”Land Nordrhein-Westfalen”.

Among them,I was particularly interested in a Wayspot not far from Bremen.

The surrounding area is a feast for the eyes, with lush green forests, idyllic fields and the beautiful river Kloster.

However, I saw that there is a next Wayspot.



Title of the Wayspot:Der Mensch Lebt Nicht Von Brot Allein


The German title "Der Mensch Lebt Nicht Von Brot Allein" means, in English, "Man does not live by bread alone".

Google Street View

The object exists in the river Kloster.



While you're at it, take a look at this Wayspot near here, It is actually supposed to be standing on the shore, but on Google Maps it is submerged in the river, so please correct its position.

Title of the Wayspot:Grüner Ring - Region Bremen


(I wonder where the right place is?

I don't know. So this may be an impossible request!)


It's a great opportunity for you to enjoy a walk in the air with me with Intel Map.

To the nearby High School South Delmenhorst.


Title of the Wayspot:Blücherweghalle



You can see that the hall next to the South Delmenhorst Secondary School building, called Blücherweg, is a Wayspot.

If you search for it, you will see adults using it, however on Google Maps it seems to me to be too close to the school building.

By the way, there is an official website of the school.

Oberschule Süd Delmenhorst

Here, let's get a little closer to Bremen.



Title of the Wayspot:Denkmal zum Tanzen


"Denkmal zum Tanzen" can be translated as "Dancing Monument".

This is ROBINSBALIE Primary School.

You can find out more about the school on the following websit



Title of the Wayspot:The Bird


Google Street View

The following web site states that this place is

"120 Childcare places in the primary sector for children are 3 - 6 years".



Title of the Wayspot:Raumschiff General Spinaxis



Title of the Wayspot:Fontäne at the Airport


Google Street View

These two are located in a pond.

Strictly speaking, you can't walk up to them.



Title of the Wayspot:Gestrandetes Schiff


This seems to be the garden of the kindergarten "KITA Stichnathstraße".



Title of the Wayspot:Gaudi In Kattenturm



Title of the Wayspot:Schachtisch Aus Stein



Title of the Wayspot:Löwe



Title of the Wayspot:Kattenturmer Ruine


You can see the photographer's finger in the top left corner.


Title of the Wayspot:Steinsäule im Kattenturmer Steingarten



Title of the Wayspot:Holzpferde



Title of the Wayspot:Musik an der Wand



Title of the Wayspot:Seilbahn


These (9) to (16) are located, as you can see on the Google Map.

They are located in the grounds of the School Links der Weser.



Bremen Obervieland

Please check these.

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