Roadside bulletin board was denied

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Title of the Wayspot: [流山市前ケ崎自治会掲示板]

Location: [35.8479556, 139.9312966]

City: [流山市]

Country: [日本]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

Under Japanese law

About "roadside belt".

・ Road Traffic Act Article 2-3-4

A road with no sidewalks or a **** of road near the sidewalk on the side of the road for the purpose of pedestrian traffic or to maintain the utility of the roadway. Those separated by markings.

The Road Traffic Act shows the grounds for the roadside zone in this way,

To summarize briefly, isn't it "a white line written on a road without a sidewalk, which is a place instead of a sidewalk for pedestrians to pass through"? Please comment.



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    Are there any countries that do not distinguish pedestrian areas with white lines?

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    Why doesn't the characters such as location information enter even if I edit it?

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    If you're editing your post, it's likely to be moderated so it won't show immediately.

    Unfortunately all Niantic's criteria are US/Western-centric and don't accomodate most of local laws. Hence they assume it doesn't has a safe pedestrian access.

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    I will put a map of the surroundings. If you look at the strike view, this road is very narrow and only one car can pass through it, and there are many curves, so it is a road used by locals and special needs schools for walks. Most cars use the well-maintained road on the left. The road connecting the left road and the right road has a very steep ****, and in the old days, the bumper was rubbed because of the ruins of the castle, so the driver hates it and makes a big turn.

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    I would just consider that white line a marker to indicate the edge of the roadway for car drivers, this is the sort of thing we see in the UK. I would not say it indicates a "pedestrian access".

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    Why would anyone put an infoboard like that in a place with no pedestrian access?

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    This same question comes up time and time again in these forums, usually with some complaing that "but in my village / town / country we walk in the road" , and yes, I've seen lots of roadside signs like this in quite villages where you have to esentially "stand in the road" to read them. However, from the point of view of the Niantic criteria, which is what we have to judge the sign, I'd say this would fall into their "no pedestrian access" category. Happy to told this is not the case by Niantic, but that's currently how I read that criteria.

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    Could a message board that originally came from a player in the UK be an appropriate candidate? This type of bulletin board is now proliferating like markers in Australia because some Pokémon GO groups in Japan have expanded on what Niantic showed in response to the question, "What is the best way to get the most out of your Pokémon Go?

    Unlike other countries where religious facilities also serve as meeting places, Japan has public meeting places built by municipalities in fairly detailed neighborhoods.

    Bulletin boards are installed in even smaller units, or parcels. Therefore, the majority of citizens do not consider bulletin boards to be important at all.

    However, following the aforementioned story in the UK, the situation has recently become terrible due to the nomination and approval of Pokémon GO players.

    Perhaps in the near future the field will be filled with boards every 100 meters.

    In fact, I saw a terrible case of all 5 boards in a recent review with duplicate confirmations. (Too bad I couldn't take a screenshot due to a PC glitch)

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    Under the Japanese road traffic act, this white line means roadside str!p. If you have the opportunity to appeal this again, you may want to add these.

    Article 2 (iii)-4 side str!p:the part of a road that extends in a str!p running along the edge of a road that either has no sidewalks or that has no sidewalks on that side, which has been demarcated with road markings so as to make it available for pedestrian traffic or maintain the effectiveness of the roadway;

    Article 10(1)On a road without demarcations between the roadway and either the sidewalk or a side str!p sufficiently wide for safe use by pedestrians (referred to in the following paragraph and the following Article as a "sidewalk or side str!p"), a pedestrian must keep to the right edge of the road; provided, however, that if it is dangerous to use the right edge of the road or if there are other compelling circumstances, a pedestrian may keep to the left edge of the road.

    Article 17(1)On a road with demarcations between the sidewalk or side str!p (hereinafter referred to in this Article as a "sidewalk or side str!p") and the roadway, a vehicle must proceed along the roadway; provided, however, that this does not apply if circumstances compel the driver to cross the sidewalk or side str!p in order to enter or leave a facility or place adjoining the road, or when the vehicle passes through the sidewalk or side str!p to the extent necessary for the driver to stop or park on the sidewalk or side str!p pursuant to Article 47, paragraph (3) or Article 48.

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    Which goes against common sense and why a load of good POI get wrongly rejected.

    If utility companies/councils have put postbox/phone box/I go boards at a location they obviously think it has safe pedestrian access.

    I have had stuff rejected on a golf course because if 'no pedestrian access' despite there being an actual path through the grass in front of it but shouldn't have got that rejection reason even if it was just grass. Seems it just an easy way to reject for those who try to find any reason to reject everything they can

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    Thanks for the appeal, @EeveeFanClub158-PGO! We're not currently reviewing PokéStop submissions. Please resubmit the nomination by improving its title/description if you feel that it was a valid nomination.

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    I've seen plenty of Historical Highway Markers next to roads with absolutely no pedestrian access. Apparently, pedestrian access is not a requirement for the installation of these signs.

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    Looking at this discussion, I don't think it's a decent review.

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