PRP Wayspot Appeal: Street Art: Cats on the wall

Title of the Wayspot: Street Art: Cats on the wall

Location: 45.897349,10.847777

City: Riva del Garda

Country: Italy

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

I don't think that painting something on the wall of your own home makes a worthy candidate, it's still PRP and very low quality. This kind of housing is very common in europe but it's not an apartment complex, each home has his own gate and it's indipendent, so it falls under PRP criteria and any proposal here should not be accepted. Please note that the player in question also submitted wayspots inside the nearby school, and i appealed here:

This area is full of abuses: low quality graffiti, inexistent parks, stacks of duplicates, a lot of location edits to generate more pokestops/gyms, very inaccurate locations to reach them from the couch. Should be time to take actions on the players who submitted and voted this.



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