Irritated with the nomination process.

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Hello everyone, I have had two nominations rejected recently as duplicates, however there are no poke stops in either location. One is our public library, and the other is a 100 year old auditorium built by one of the town’s founding families.

there is no option to appeal, so how do I move forward?


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    they do have pins for the library, however they are in the wrong spot, and the stop was never added into the game. There are poke stops near by, but no closer than others that already exist in the town, and further away from other stops I have seen playing in nearby city’s .

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    When you nominated your Pokestops, did you not look at the map in PoGo and notice that there were existing Waypoints very close to the ones you were nominating, perhaps even with the same or very similar name (Library?).

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