Request to remove invalid photos

This photo on the War of 1812 Barracks gym in is so dark that you can’t recognize the object. There are several other photos that you can see it but I’m requesting this photo specifically be removed

here is the coordinates to the gym:

Also the photo for the John Foster Dulles Historical Marker stop keeps getting switched to include the house. The problem is the stop is the historical marker specifically and the house has a No Trespassing sign in front of it.

The historical marker and the stop are located between the sidewalk and street keeping players away from the posted No Trespassing area, but having the house included in the photo could cause trouble.

Here is the no trespassing sign for verification:

And here is the coordinates to the PokeStop:

and again there are photos of just the marker itself, removing the photo that focuses on the house will remove any chance of issues down the road.



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