A new way for abuse (maybe)

I have a new kind of abuse, wich I can see that is becoming mora amore frequent, at first case I think that can be an isolated situation, but I have started to see more frequently in review.

this is the fifth case I have seen in the last 2 weeks, so I came here to report and alert about this situation.

Descriptiton of methode: using an photoshoped image as proposal, wich have concordance whit a intermediate/low quality real world candidate.

Proposal photo:

As you can see i'ts a "first looking" good image of a proposal... is there were some real world support.

Second: The support photo:

Here I began to suspect something strange, albeit the proposal and the suport photos are very similar... there are mnay diferences, design and the text, but when you see more closely, is obvius that the support image lacks of quality and... there are a google water mark!!!! I go to google maps and find this image from the place:

By principle I would have denied this proposal as "Temporary or seasonal display", but I think that this case (as other cases) must be qualified as a "False Proposal". Which I do.

What's your opinion?



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