what does duplicate mean?

Regarding the criteria of duplicates, what is a duplicate? I have these two sources separated by more than 70 meters (229 ft). The community has voted that it is a duplicate proposal. same proposal was appealed via the wayfarer and the result is the same. What specific criteria does this point meet? or is it simply a confusion of the community and the people of Niantic? The fountains, as can be seen in the photos I share, are completely different and have pedestrian access through street lines and in the same median there are planters to be able to play freely. An apology for the poor quality of success use google translator.

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    You should've know that April AMAs have already been published last month and no further questions will be answered. You'd better to post this into General Discussions.

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    Ok, Thanks for the feedback

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    But we can answer your question what duplicate mean: that mean that there is a Wayspot in the Lightship Database that is the same of one of these things you have sent in. While rating the rater see all Wayspots in a radius of 500 meter. When one of these are already in the Database the rater click on duplicate so you become that rejection reason.

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