Common misunderstanding of rejection reasons location senitive and location inappropiate

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This issue has been going for some months now and it's even more of an issue in the german-speaking regions. A faulty translation of both rejection reasons makes reviewers think, that it's actually a rejection for things they don't like or won't like to have as a Wayspot.

The german translations are "Ort ist unangemessen" and "Unangemessener Ort":

Here the english pendant:

So what is Location inappropiate in german and english:

Aaaand what is Location sensitive in german and english:

Some of my examples, where these rejection reasons shouldn't have been chosen:

Some examples of other Wayfinders:

German reviewers can't differentiate between the two rejection reasons. They are bascially the same, if you don't read the specification and it seems like noone reads them. Thanks for the amazing meme @sacerdotisa-ING:

Some Wayfinders have already talked about this issue before:

Please change "Ort ist unangemessen" into "Anstößiger Ort" and "Unangemessener Ort" into "Sensibler Ort" like @JasperXCX-PGO suggested half a year ago. Maybe reviewers will actually start using the correction reasons correctly after this change happens. It's frustrating to see these two rejection reasons for something that's defintely not a gravestone or a s*x club!


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    I had both these used for local bars I’ve nominated.

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    most of the things I reject under “doesn’t meet acceptance criteria” actually would better described as “does not meet eligibility criteria”.

    The phrase we send back does nothing to explain that they are submitting a non-starter.

    I wish there was a tick box that could send a message back to tho along lines of this nomination could be improved ( photo, description) so improve and resubmit.

    if I could tick that box not only when rejecting but when giving a low score ( so acceptable but with specific issues) it could then go to the submitter if overall it was rejected.

    There is so much that could be done to improve all this and updating a different set of words really can’t be hard.

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    @Elijustrying-ING I wish there was a checkbox that we could use that would add a note to the rejection email to the effect of, "Some reviewers suggested that you should review the eligibility criteria", with a link to the documents.

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    Whoops tagged the wrong person. Should be @Sacred2309-PGO instead of @sacerdotisa-ING. Also, seems like tags in the original discussion don't work, so I'm gonna tag @JasperXCX-PGO as well.

    Could you share this with your team @NianticGiffard? The community feels like these rejection reasons are mis-used by many reviewers. Personally, I rarely ever use them. Could you change the wording a little bit? Many thanks.

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    edited May 2022

    "It is a rejection anway. In real life if you are rejected you do not ask if you were rejected with a) or b)."

    But the rejection reasons are normally meant to help a submitter understand why it was rejected, so they have some feedback and can improve their nomination. So I think having rejection reasons is helpful, if only they were labeled correctly...

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    yes, we all say that. Find someone at Niantic that understands this, too.

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    The thing about "location inappropriate" is that it doesn't work well in English either.

    A cold reading of "location inappropriate" implies "This isn't a an appropriate place for a wayspot." Thus people use it in that way. I know what Niantic intends because I've spent a lot of time educating myself, but inappropriate does not imply adult-oriented. They should have used "Adult-oriented location" as the reason rather than the fuzzy word inappropriate.

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    In English, "Location Sensitive" examples are a rehab center, active cemetery, or food bank (free food pick-up for the needy). It would be insensitive to play a game there while people are having big emotional struggles and don't want everyone watching.

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    Some more examples coming...

    A hut next to a hiking trial. If anything, this is the OPPOSITE of inappropiate, it actually is a safe place for hikers to rest here if there is bad weather or something. Unlikely, that a reviewer thinks "oh, this hut can be used to **** in it!"

    A hiking trial that is +18 and a gravestone? Oh dear.

    This is a soccer field. Kids play here daily. How can this EVER be an explicit location?

    A very popular cafe. And I mean very. The last days there have been long queues here. So... why sensitive here? Someone buried in there?

    And a historic building from the year 1560 (according to an information board next to it) that was once used for a pastor, and is now a community building -> explicit. What?

    Please, Niantic.

    At least give us a response why this is not being fixed, or if it will ever be. We tried so often to make this known.

    Here is an interesting fact to observe: If you go through the "Report a bug" section in the forum, you will see, Niantic always replied to every post - BUT the ones that are about translation mistakes.

    The repeated posts about misc. translation errors or simply falsely labeled stuff are ignored by Niantic. Why? Do they think this is so minor they don't have to fix it? Too hard? It surely can't be that hard to change exactly 2 words in your system.

    I already kind of wrote an essay in my thread about the negative effects this has. Reviewers cannot improve their own submissions if the rejection reasons are totally nonsensical because Niantic labeled them wrong for the reviewers to use them. It simply does not help at all. This thread also was marked as "working on a fix", many people bumped it, but not even a single post from Niantic in it, so can we really know it is being worked on?

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