Would you be for or against a system across Niantic games where the gameboard changed each season?



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    "Maybe I'll endear people to my idea if I respond to their concerns by being a smartypants"

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    I have over 200 gold gym badges and I could not be more in favor of switching them up. A whole new crop of badges to level up would be invigorating.

    As it stands, I make more new POIs and gyms in my town than anybody, and I have half a dozen players of other teams that drive into my area from out of town to fight in the gyms I help create, because there are no gyms in their area that they haven’t golded already. Giving them a new swath of places to focus their attention would leave me in peace, which would be an absolute delight. If gyms were rotating quarterly, it would be years before I would end up clashing with those groups again.

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    I doubt very much I’ll sway people one way or the other. They’ll already have landed on a side.

    Just saying (again, as I have a few times) it would be beneficial if there was a Niantic Pokémon GO forum, so that any issues with that game were listened to and not raised here.

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    @Hosette-ING i quite like that idea of importing extras. It would need good communication (🙄🤔) so that players would be clear about short life span of stops or if they used them to build fields

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    Temporary portals and stops could glow a different color.

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    I've voted no, simply because I don't think it's a gameboard style that fits all games.

    I certainly don't think it fits Pokemon Go.

    I am still strongly in favor of simply adding more types of gameboard POIs being added in order to reflect Lightship wayspots, such as (using PoGo again as the prime example) grass patches for spawn points and bushes for berry drops.

  • tehstone-INGtehstone-ING Posts: 817 Ambassador

    If it were limited to portals that had another wayspot within 20m then it would likely not effect many strategic portals.

    I'm in favor of this idea regardless of this particular concern because I know of a lot of interesting things it would be nice to see enter the game, a lot of **** stuff I'd like to see rotated out sometimes, and because I think in general Ingress needs a lot more shake ups. Too many areas are static.

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    If a particular set of game designers want to do this then that is up to those game communities to feedback.

    If we are looking at this in a wayfarer context and whether this would encourage wayfarer submissions, I think i terms of result it is at best marginal in a few areas but suspect little change.

    Wouldn’t it be better to concentrate on the aspects of wayfarer that would improve player experience and therefore interaction?

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    This is a terrible idea. For Ingress, I understand people plan blocks and triangles that depend on building fields. If portals suddenly moved, I think this would **** up a lot for them. But I don't play Ingress so I can't speak that much for them.

    I do play GO and I know I would hate this. There are spots where I know I can reach 5 stops and 1 gym. When I'm low on resources, I can go sit in that spot and let my autospinner do the work for me. Meanwhile, I'm looking through my pokemon storage to do basic maintenance or trading with a friend. This game already takes a LOT of time to play. Removing or changing the places where it's easier to accomplish things is not a way to incentivize me to do anything.

    I should say, this is basic bag filling before or after an event where I've already been or will be super active exploring the area and catching pokemon. I'm not just going to hang out under stops as my daily play.

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    the idea of constantly changing gameboards distresses me. lol. i would not want that to happen.

    while i'd like more lightship-only pois to show up in the game, i wouldn't want it to rotate. if they made a new game where that's a feature, sure. but implementing it in pogo or ingress.... aaaaaa scary

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    Interesting idea, but it won't go over well with the Pogo playerbase. We already see a lot of complaining when a gym gets reassigned due to a Wayspot move. If this occurs system-wide, then the number of complaints would make the 80m uproar look like small potatoes.

  • ShnuggleMum-PGOShnuggleMum-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    No no no and no...

    How about actually clearing queues of waypoints waiting to be approved or voted? I have had things in voting for over a year.

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    I don't understand some of the comments here. A static game board is boring. At least in a perspective of a Pokémon GO player, it would be amazing to have rotating Stops/Gyms! The world is changing and PoGO turns 6 years this summer. Some of the Wayspots in the data base are ~10 years old. Why should only the oldest Wayspots show up in Pokémon GO while new interesting things are there, but won't ever show up due to cell limitations? It would be a breath of fresh air to have something else every couple of months. Also, people could hunt after new gyms to get the gold medal and it would actually motivate to discover new places and maybe level up the unique PokéStop/Gym medal. It feels like some people here are very used to how things have been in the past. I wouldn't call them lazy, but where's the fun in having the same things on the game board for years? It's not like the old things are gone, because they will come back in a future rotation. Events in PoGO are already lame imo and frustrating. Many veteran people already stopped playing. Shuffle up the game board every once in a while!

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    The concept of randomly removing portals from Ingress, especially since the way they do things, they'd have an outsized impact on areas with low numbers of portals, would make so many people just up and quit.

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    People have articulated the issues this would cause fairly well, I think. You, apparently, haven't even tried to think about our arguments, or at least decided to completely ignore them and call people straight up lazy.

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    What about a bit of a different take...

    What about if Parks are able to have more PoI appear in game. Like change from L17 to L18 or even L19 in areas that are marked as parks. This would encourage these areas being played more with the denser area. It would help rural areas where some rural city parks are not that big and can really get punished by the inclusion rules with very few PoI.

    I'm thinking of this for PoGo play only. Although it could be nice in parks for maybe the distance to be reduced to 10m between portals.

    I think these would be in line with Niantic's mission.

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    The Ingress gameboard is fine as is.

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    This is a great what-if? thought exercise. Like what if we didn't have electricity. Great to consider (let's go camping!) but dreadful in every day reality.

    Catan was a magical game and I miss it an awful lot. I'm sorry folk did not get to play it.

    Season rotation of resource centres and community settlements concept was just *chef-kisss* ....in Catan.

    Just as linking two poi concept is *chef-kisss* IN INGRESS or evolving your Pokemon IN POGO is *chef-kisss*

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    Catan did not rotate POI each season.

    The selection of POI remained stable season to season just the resource assigned to that poi changed.

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