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There is an additional entrance to a playing field between a row of houses, I think it keeps getting rejected because people think im trying to abuse the system and put it in one of the back gardens of the houses. In reality, it's just right next to it. This is a second try, as first was reject due to being on "private property/ farm". I will say no more to see what you think, as it's clearly ok and legitimate stop. But need to get it right, so your advice would be surely appreciated!

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    Can you add a photosphere? The sign isn't quite visible around the side of the house on Streetview. I know you've shown it in your supporting info, but your local reviewers don't seem to trust that for whatever reason. They may find a photosphere more convincing.

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    Also, if you've submitted it multiple times recently, that might be why some people are flagging it as Abuse. (I wouldn't personally as long as you're improving it each time.) You may want to take a break on submitting it to give them time to forget or use an Upgrade.

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    Photosphere is a good idea, but annoyingly as you say, the sign is not visible ! Equally, aerial view is inconclusive. Given this is a supplementary entrance, could there be any merit in the rejection on this basis. Also, I did use an upgrade on this last submission. Did you mean I should, or should not next time?

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    I agree with JillJilyJabadoo-PGO posts: Making a photosphere would be a huge help for your nomination, as it's not really visible on streetview (it's hidden behind a house on SV). Photosphere would show reviewers it's in this location, and it should help with tempporary rejection.

    Waiting a bit with posting it again so different reviewers would get it might be a good idea too, as abuse rejection is often choose if reviewers see the same nomination a few times in recent time. Taking a break with nominating it or using upgrade to get different reviewers should give it more chance too.

    I would have a small tip for you for this sign if you would be willing to do a small work with it: If you can, try cleaning this sign a bit before you take main photo of it (and photosphere). This sign is not in the best shape, and cleaning it with a wet cloth would help reviewers read all letters and show it's not abandoned sign in neglected place. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but many submitters have cleaned signs/informational boards before taking photo to submit it, and when they did it, it always had better chance of being accepted. And the other additional bonus is making your common area prettier too :)

    In worst case making appeal might be a good idea too, but we have it very limited, so resubmiting should be better idea for now :)

    No matter if you try any of our advices or not, I hope it will be accepted next time :) Good luck!

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    Great, thanks for the comments. Cleaning the sign is a great idea, I did consider it and probably should have done on reflection. I mean this is a very regularly used path as all the dog walkers come through here! Can you actually view the photosphere as such, never having submitted one or seen one in my reviewing? I've had a couple of things rejected and generally accept the rejection, as they were chancers! But this I was a wee bit confused with as it does seem to be a good nomination and thought to clarify. I've only submitted it the once and it came back with private property, hence this submission. Would you suggest to upgrade this? Again? Or let it ride, I mean I'm keen to get it in as I walk through this field everyday with the dog !!

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    The location issue I see is that your image shows a large, grassy area, and the map shows your pin just off the large, grassy area. Honestly, if it was a couple feet away you probably wouldn’t have an issue with it.

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    Needs a photosphere. Wait until it has made it onto Google Maps before resubmitting.

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    As usual, many reviewers default to assume you're lying. You'll need to spend a chunk of time to hopefully convince reviewers otherwise so you can make Niantic's game better for them and attractive for more players.

    Understand that even if/after you do this, a good chunk of reviewers won't read your supplemental information and a portion of ones that do will still think you're lying.

    Best of luck.

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    Well, I have given the sign a good clean, (not that its improved it so much but i can't hurt, Did get some odd looks from the dog walkers!) and, there is now a photosphere live on google maps (,1.016815,3a,75y,84.7h,55.96t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipOUhGnWVYQBCBsUvSRa38U2Ki6_qs76gMRzMivJ!2e10!3e11!!7i10240!8i3730) gosh thats a long URL!

    I'm going to give it a couple more days and submit again and we shall see what happens. I mean, I don't think I can do much more really, tried to keep the title and description brief but concise. Anything you could suggest I add in the supplementary info to help?

    My only final concern is that it does look like im trying to push it in the garden of No 11, when in reality if you look at the overhead photograps its right on the money. Incidently, this is actually a path in the game itself with the edge of the park being recorded exactly where that pin is. Woudl you say that a screenshot of that would help?

    Appreciate all the input you have given me, thus far. Final question, would you suggest I use an upgrade, or let it ride. Typically, all my stops have been approved within a couple of weeks anyway, with the upgraded ones being tagged within about 5 days. There was mention of different sets of reviewers seeing it if its upgraded? Not sure if that would be worth a "fresh" set of eyes as it may be automatically rejected if the same people see it. Don't know?

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    I wouldn't worry too much about the position now that you've made a photosphere. It's one of those cases where calling attention to it will make more people wonder than would have originally.

    I would try without an upgrade first. My original comment was just speculation about the abuse flag. If it gets flagged again for abuse, an upgrade or an appeal are some other things to try.

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    As some jump to conclusions I would take out references to the Scouts and although in supplementary ( really shouldn’t matter) I would remove reference to pokestop.

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    Heya, just made the new submission. But the photosphere is not on the submission . Will it appear on the real deal in voting, as it is live on Google maps?

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    I can see your photosphere when I go to this location with Google Maps, so I think reviewers should see it too :)

    Good luck, let us know if it helped :)

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    Perfect, good to know. That I will .

    Literally no idea how to remove this photo from reply. Stupid thing.....

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    Hey @OneFromTheSky-PGO I've removed the image from your comment. Can you make sure that your My Draft is empty and try again?

    If it persists, please try clearing your browser app's cache or offload app on iPhone and try again.

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    It isn't tied to browser, that won't help.

    @OneFromTheSky-PGO drafts are saved automatically. For some reason, when an image is posted and you revisit the thread before the image approved it continues to populate. You can find and delete these drafts here:

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    Perfect, cheers for that!!

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