Wayfarer suspended in one or more games

i have my ingress account that works just fine and even now im already doing the recursion that have been reviewing wayfarer 5000+.

but accidentally I've changed my emails that attached to my old pogo account back in 2016 wich is been banned.

so now when i try to open the wayfarer it keeps me suspended, so i try to changes emails but its not works, i also try to delete my old pogo account like 3-4 times but it keep saying that can't be deleted due to "pending litigation".

ill try it over and over again but it has the same result, is someone has the same issues like me? is this can be solved?

I've travel a lot and see many buildings and structures that would perfectly match for portal categories, but now i can't submit it cause this issue.

please help me, i really enjoying reviews portal and make some of it.

how can i do to get my wayfarer back @NIanticGiffard


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