Fake Wayspots in Dorn-Assenheim

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Dear @NianticGiffard

it never occured to me for 1 second that these Stolpersteine are really there; still,

they have been accepted by seemingly ignorant reviewers. Also, they are again in voting.

These have made it into Lightship only; you can only see them beign accepted when you have something else to review from that place. The Person re-submitted it, because seemingly he doesnt find his criminal art online in intel. The Wayspot beneath it is at https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.337081,8.840443&z=18

I think i am talking in the interest of the community when i say that this is the lowest kind of beign a very poor person to fake these Stolpersteine, and i demand that there is some sort of action beign taken agains the reviewer and the persons that accepted these.

these stones, a short google away, are in Lippstadt.

Verlegung von Stolpersteinen zum Gedenken an jüdische Lippstädter Familien - Cappelstraße vorübergehend gesperrt (lippstadt.de)

Beign a sleuth; there are other fake wayspots in Dorn-Assenheim:



(These are in Würzburg IRL https://wuerzburgwiki.de/wiki/Ferdinand_Lebermann)


(These are in Weinsberg IRL https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/baden-wuerttemberg/heilbronn/stolpersteine-weinsberg-erinnern-an-juedische-familien-thalheimer-100.html)



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