Incorrect Moves and Negative Impacts of the Wayspot Cleanup

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Before anything else, I want to say that I know that pokestops and gyms are not within the control of the Wayfarer Team but I think this issue requires the team's attention nonetheless.

As you may know, about a week ago it was discovered and shared on Twitter and elsewhere that the Empire State Building gym was removed as well as a number of other iconic gyms in NYC. At that time I did not look closely into what had changed as I didn't know the previous locations of any of those gyms.

Today, the iconic Space Needle in Seattle was demoted from Gym to Pokestop after it was moved about 39 meters. In this case, I did have the previous location so I decided to take a look at some maps and see if the location had been improved:

In these two images, the selected portal (pink ring) is the new location. The red marker with the Ingress location is the old location. These images are the Satellite and Road layers on Google Maps via IITC.

These images show the previous and current locations respectively from OpenStreetMaps.

As you can see, the pin was moved from very close to the true center of the Space Needle to the apparent center based on the Satellite view. But imagery in this view is not completely accurate, especially for taller buildings. The tilt is apparent in the image.

In short, the new location is wrong.

I have looked at a number of other moved wayspots around Seattle that have been part of this process and they all follow this exact pattern. The pin was moved to the center based solely on Satellite view.

Is this entire effort being done remotely? There was speculation after the initial announcement that it would involve folks on the ground checking locations. Is it being done manually by people? Or is some automated system picking out the center of objects based on satellite imagery?

For this gym in particular, can anything be done? We're 2 months out from GoFest which is taking place at Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located.

@NianticTintino if there's anything the Wayfarer team can do about any of these iconic gyms please put pressure on the Pogo team to do it.

Can location changes for larger structures be rechecked manually and changed again or reverted? If so, can a list of these second round edits be provided to the Pokemon Go team to allow them to restore status?

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    Is this the result of their new initiative to move stops in urban areas?

    So often when the Wayfarer team disappoints me I can chalk it up to a lack of staff, a lack of time, even ignorance. But this is just such an obvious and lazy error, I'm not sure how this could be anything but someone knowingly doing a bad job just so they could be done with it.

    I'm not sure if it's any better if it's actual reviewers doing it though.

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    I will be in Seattle in a while for a certain event, and truthfully it makes no difference to me whether the Space Needle is a gym or a stop or whatever. I'll get gifts from it either way, pin to my Postcard Book, and send out to my friends at home. If the moves are accurate, which they don't appear to be in many cases, then what object becomes what sort of in-game POI should be random if that's Niantic's wish. At least that's how I feel.

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    oh my gosh LOL. what a circus act. this is an unacceptable blunder from niantic's team. Embarrassing.

    it definitely points to the direction that they're just doing things from satellite view, which could also be out of date.

    oh man. what even 😂

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    Thanks for raising this awful mess.

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    What would you expect>? Tintino visiting every town on earth and placing the Wayspots accurately beign there in Person?

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    I'm having a little trouble with accuracy on mobile, but it looks like the new point is 15 meters from the closest edge of the tower.

    (Tehstone previously noted it had moved 39m from the original pin - in the center of the tower)

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    i do agree that some iconic and important stuff should be gyms in pokemon go, that space needle in fact looks like a gym unlike the the awful mural that is in my town on a random wall or the starbucks

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    I play (way too much) in the area, and even from a revenue perspective, I would've thought that Niantic would've let these gyms stay gyms until Go Fest (Seattle) ended proper - I imagine fewer gyms means fewer raids, which probably isn't ideal.

    There were a couple of POI's for which the demotion I could go either way on. For instance, we had a few plastic-flower-structure-things that didn't necessarily have to be gyms. But while they aren't in the same cells, I'd say that the Space Needle deserves to be a gym over either Pacific Science Center arches (the science center was closed for quite a while) or Chihuly Garden and Glass (which, while neat, isn't as iconic nor gym-like nor accessible as the needle).

    As a "bonus", the Original Starbucks was demoted and moved to be on top of the "actual"/sponsored Starbucks stop, which resulted in this hilarity:

    I'm also kind of curious as to if the sponsored stops ("Niantic" Go Fest stops have been deployed to the area, mostly re-using ID's from previous temporary stops) affect anything, but I digress.

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    This could be a galaxy brain move by the wayfarer team to make niantic give them more than a skeleton crew. By noticeably making things worse for the games (which niantic actually cares about) they'll force niantic to intervene and stop letting them rot on the vine

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    Is there a category for "Iconic Local / International Landmark"?

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    I had no idea that was a category. I find the categories a nightmare to wade tgrough - just way my brain works 😂

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    Thank you for your response, but this is a completely new information for me however this might be more in-game related:

    So, the "What is it" category isn't useless at all, but it would at least help determine which in-game location objects a Wayspot become into. Is that correct?

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    You can choose three when you add “Wayspot Categorisation” (only in Pokémon GO currently, have to be near Wayspot) so you can add those main three at least.

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