I accidentally nominated a private basketball court - it was approved. How do I fix this?

Over a year ago I nominated a basketball court. I had it in my head that it was the management office of the neighborhood but it’s not. It was approved unfortunately but I can’t report it as it’s only in Ingress.

Coordinates: (38.9989591, -76.7456395)

If you check Maps, you can see it’s clearly behind that house. It should NEVER have been approved. Turns out, that never was an office. It’s just a home. I used the Google doc to report it but there wasn’t really an option to check that was accurate.

As I said, I can’t report it in GO because it’s in Ingress. Do I have to be a certain level in Ingress to report it? I guess I can make an account just for that but I thought you have to be level 12 to nominate or edit. That’s just what I was told.


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