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I just keep seeing new wayspots with this issue and it boggles my mind every single time how this is allowed to continue.

There is a person who deliberately includes their easily recognizable, brightly colored car in their submissions. Those submissions get accepted, again and again, over the course of months, showing that it works and there are multiple other abusers who work with this person. Despite reporting this a few times in the past via the Google form, nothing seems to have been done about this.

I've recently made a list of some of those nominations in another thread, so I'll just copy-paste it here, alongside several other examples:

  1. Meat restaurant
  2. This ice cream place with over 30 locations across the country 
  3. This diner style place with several locations across the country
  4. This asian food place with over 30 locations across the country
  5. Not a business, but a parking lot sign, with the famous car just peeking behind it
  6. Another non-business location where the car takes the front stage.
  7. "Hiding" behind a bar sign.
  8. And right next to another bar.
  9. Shopping center in the background, car at the front
  10. Health clinic
  11. Synagogue
  12. Sports hall (with the goddamn license plate in plain sight!)
  13. Pergola
  14. Another pergola
  15. These plaques
  16. This synagogue
  17. Another synagogue
  18. 75% Chabad house, 25% green car
  19. The "goal"
  20. Welcome sign

I'm stopping at 20 only because I think it's enough to get my point across. There are so many more wayspots like this. Some more subtle, with the car visible in the background. Some very blunt and obvious. At this point, every time I get a review from this city I expect to see it. It's like the world's worst game of Where's Waldo.



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